Whether you are moving locally, nationally, or internationally… whether you are relocating your business …or need to put your belongings into short term or long term storage… We will handle all of your needs courteously and professionally.

At American VanLines, every move is important. American VanLines will guarantee that every move is done with the highest quality, prompt service and for the very best price in the industry.

For the past 14 years American VanLines has won numerous quality and great customer service awards.

With new fuel efficient trucks, now going to more cities across the nation than any other mover in South Florida, you can rest assured that you will not be without your belongings for very long.

In order to stay number one, we continued to streamline the moving process. Our customers receive “One Price” that includes all their services for a guaranteed low price.

American Van Lines is the one company that does it all differently.

It starts with “One Price.” Every estimate that you get from us is an all inclusive one price for the services that you request and guaranteed to never go over.

Next you will be assigned your own moving coordinator who will help you plan your move, set up moving dates, answer any questions that you may have and keep you informed during the moving process.

Finally, unlike other movers who have one team of movers who pack all of your belongings, then another team loads them, and a third team delivers everything. Instead, American Van Lines will assign you one team that will do it all.

The same team that packs you, will load and then deliver you ensuring that nothing gets damaged.

Estimating moves is an inexact science. Many variables factor into how long a move will take. A professional estimator uses his experience from doing similar moves in order to figure out how many hours the move will require.

His estimate includes the amount of time that will pass from the moment the truck first leaves the mover's Location until it returns after the job is finished. He will then add in the cost of boxes, tape and other packing materials, extra insurance/valuation and known incidental costs, such as road and bridge tolls.

One of the most important things that you should do before you move is to have complete knowledge of your new neighborhood, apartment complex, and the route to your destination.

With local moves, time is everything. You can save hours off of the moving time if you can recommend a quicker route to your destination than the one your mover was expecting to take.

  • Always have a person accompany the movers during the packing and loading processes. This will keep their attention squarely on the job at hand. It will also help keep you informed, just in case your furniture needs to be disassembled, and you've been standing in your new home wondering why the movers are two hours late.
  • Check your new area for the availability of suitable parking for the truck - one that will allow the movers to comfortably load and unload your items. Double-parking means the truck has to round the corner every so often and you'll be incurred additional charges.
  • Know all of the restrictions. Most big buildings, especially in city areas, allow moves only between 9am to 5pm. Remind your movers to provide the necessary certificates of insurance. These documents protect the building against damage. Building superintendents will not allow entrance without them.
  • The availability of suitable elevator units for apartment moves is very important, especially ones large enough to hold your biggest pieces of furniture. This will definitely save you time and money. But it will also save the movers the time and effort of carrying heavy furniture up the stairs and also from disassembling your furniture.

In order to keep the cost as close as the estimate, the estimator assumes, in every situation, the following:

  • You will not need additional supplies to be provided by the mover.
  • You will have packed everything yourself that you had anticipated.
  • The scope of the work does not change markedly on the day of the move. In other words, you didn't forget to tell the estimator about important (and heavy) stuff, such as:
  • The lawnmower your neighbor borrowed from you.
  • The unknown contents of your filled storage space.
  • Traffic from your old home to your new will not be worse than usual.

Our Long Distance trucks are fully equipped with a professional secured shelving system to ensure a safe and smooth ride.

From pianos to crystal, we move it all. In fact, you receive the best service possible.

Our professional employees take pride in their work. We can assist you in your move from packing your belongings, to carefully loading our vans, and safely delivering your furniture and belongings to your new home. You will find that American VanLines pays close attention to detail and commitment to quality which allow us to offer household moving services that are unsurpassed in the moving industry.

  • Please don't make travel plans for packing, move out, move in or unpacking day. Plan on being occupied with the service being provided for the entire day.
  • Keep your telephone functioning through the planned loading day. Likewise, try to have your new telephone installed and functioning for move in day at your new (destination) residence. You or the movers may need to communicate with the outside world.
  • All personal items of high value such as jewelry, coins, prescriptions, etc... are best carried with you when traveling to your new residence.
  • Remember; note missing or damaged items on the Household Goods Descriptive Inventory upon delivery. Failure to do so could result in denial of your claim!
  • Remember that when filing a claim for missing or damaged items, you will be required to substantiate any loss with a proof of value and ownership. This can be accomplished in the form of cancelled checks, sales receipts, a homeowners policy or appraisals.
  • Never throw out an item that has been damaged! The American Van Lines appraiser or repair firm may want to inspect it and if you dispose of a damaged item your claim may be denied due to the article not being available for inspection.
  • If you cannot be at your residence on the day of packing, loading, unloading or unpacking; you will need to name an agent or representative to act on your behalf and to supervise the movers, as the mover's may have questions which will require immediate answers.
  • You or your company has been provided with an estimate for the cost of your move. Only the services detailed on this estimate are approved. Any additional service that is required should be approved by you or your company before it can be performed.