Florida Moving Companies

Whether you are moving locally in Florida or moving out of state, hiring a qualified mover is a must have. We can help put you in touch with licensed Florida movers. You can also read below for some fun facts about sunny Florida.

One-thousand people move to Florida everyday. You could be one of them. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of room for everyone. The Sunshine State measures 447 miles in length and stretches 361 miles wide. Add to that almost 1,200 miles of coastline and sandy beaches and you have the home many people dream about.

With the perpetual balmy weather in this state, you can visit those beaches frequently. The average summer temperature runs about 80 degrees or higher depending on the region, while the average winter temperature stays around 68 degrees in the southern area. Northern Florida registers a milder average temperature of 53 degrees. Annual precipitation ranges from 50 inches to 70 inches depending on location.

Due to the warm climate and the high percentage of retirees who call Florida home, the state boasts 1,250 golf courses, the most of any state in the nation. Other ways to spend your leisure time includes visits to the Everglades National Park with its subtropical marshlands and large wetlands, Spook Hill in Lake Wales where an optical illusion makes it seem like vehicles and other objects roll uphill, or Walt Disney World with Epcot Theme Park, Disney Hollywood Studios and The Magic Kingdom.

Not everyone spends all day playing in the Sunshine State. Many people work in the major industries, which include tourism, electronics and agriculture. Florida produces 67 percent of the oranges consumed in the U.S. and 40 percent of the world’s orange juice supply. It also ranks fourth in the nation for employment in space-exploration-related jobs. More than $500 million a year is spent on sponsored research at the state’s universities.

Lower education also fares well. Florida’s public school system consistently ranks in the top ten in the nation when it comes to the overall quality of education.

Possibly the best reason to move to Florida could be that it doesn’t have a state income tax and it would take a constitutional amendment to change that, which isn’t very likely. For overall taxes, Florida has positioned itself among the bottom five states - those with the lowest taxes. Without much in the way of taxes, a low cost of living and lots of activities, it’s a wonder that not more than 1,000 people move to the Sunshine State everyday.