Getting a moving quote is the first step in the moving process. Getting moving quotes should be one of the easiest parts of your move. Some methods always work and some may not be as reliable. Your move may already be more exhausting than it has to be so select the easiest method possible.

Read on to see what your options are for getting moving quotes:

Compare & Save
When you turn to the internet, you may not get the trustworthy recommendation that you would from a family member or friend, but you do open yourself up to a world full of options. With 123Movers, you get a list of qualified moving companies in your area looking to compete for your business.

Getting multiple quotes from qualified movers puts you in the driver seat of your move. Knowing that you're getting multiple quotes, moving companies know that they're competing with other movers for your business. You can control every part of your move by comparing services and rates of each mover.

Do Your Research
Although the internet may not make you feel as confident as a recommendation from your friends or family, it makes it easy for you to search what's out there and compare the services and moving quotes of several licensed and insured moving companies that can carry out your move. Also look at complaint history, BBB reviews, and testimonials before making a final decision.

Friends & Family
Better than an online testimonial, your friends and family are the best reference for finding a mover. These are the people you trust the most. Good advice from a family member or friend can be extremely useful when searching for a moving company. You then can call the recommended moving company and get a moving quote.

Avoiding the Phone Book
You can easily rummage through the phone book and search for a mover but there are some red flags that you have to look for. Tediously calling each mover for a quote and asking qualifying questions can be tiresome. You may come across a company that you're very pleased with, but that may take up a lot of time that you don't have.

By using the internet, you avoid the difficult task of finding a qualified moving company. All you have to do is compare, save, and make the final decision.