Texas Moving Companies

If you live in Texas and need a moving company, 123Movers can help you find a licensed and insured mover. Do your research, reduce your stress, and read below to learn more about the wonderful state of Texas.

Everything is bigger in the Lone Star State, just like they say, including tax relief. This state doesn’t tax income, pensions or retirement benefits, which helps to make living here affordable.

The most recent study shows the average price for a home is $176,000, about mid-range for all the states. Lower home prices together with a cost of living 11 percent below the state average, make Texas alluring. If you haven’t already decided on a city to move to, you’ve got many choices.

With more than 267,000 sq. miles between its borders, Texas ranks as the second largest of all the states. Only Alaska claims more square miles. Climates, however, between the two states don’t compare.

Depending on the city or specific region of the state, you can expect between 200 and 300 days of sunshine annually in Texas. When it comes to rainfall, the western and central sections of the state average between zero and 30 inches a year, while a tiny portion of the eastern side experiences more than 54 inches of rain a year.

Rain or shine, lots of opportunities for vacations or day trips exist across the state. The Gulf Coast welcomes you with its 370 miles of white, sandy beaches. While there, you’ll want to dine on the freshest shrimp, crab and oysters caught right in the Gulf. In San Antonio, visit one of the largest assortments of circus relics at the Hertzberg Circus Museum. Enjoy all types of melodies in Austin, the live music capital of the world.

Recreational opportunities abound. You can spend your free time fishing, hunting, horseback riding, canoeing, kayaking or participating in other outdoor ventures. Texas also likes to memorialize history like the Alamo, Apollo Mission Control, and Fort Sam Houston so you can visit these places. Spending on recreation and trips to attractions is made possible because of the consistent job market in the Lone Star State.

Look for work at NASA, Dell, Texas Instruments or Lockheed Martin, companies that all call Texas home. Central Texas has been referred to as the Silicon Valley of the South. Other main industries are oil (the largest petroleum producer in the U.S.), natural gas, farming, commercial fishing, banking, and mining.

Texans say you’ll enjoy a superior quality of life in their state.