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Moving within or out of South Carolina doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. If you hire a moving company, that stress can be reduced tremendously. Let 123Movers help you find a mover that fits your needs. And while you’re here, check out the article below about life in South Carolina

The competitive nature of the tax structure, including low property taxes, in the Palmetto State make it a very desirable place to live for anyone. But seniors reap the best financial rewards. Kiplinger’s named South Carolina one of the top 10 tax-friendly states in the nation for retirees.

That''''s because Social Security benefits are exempt from state income tax plus each senior aged 65 and older can deduct another $15,000 of their income, after their federal tax deduction. Because of this, most retirees living in South Carolina pay no state income tax.

Seniors and others have the freedom to play golf on any of the more than 100 championship courses. Myrtle Beach lays claim to the golf capital of the state. As a coastal city and resort town, Myrtle Beach also boasts miles of sandy beaches, award-winning productions, first-rate shopping and remarkable food.

Cooks, both home and restaurant, rely heavily on barbecue, shrimp and grits and Frogmore Stew as staples. Ingredients in Frogmore Stew can include sausage, crab, shrimp, corn, potatoes and onion, but no frogs.

Indoor pursuits like visiting some of the 2,000 plantations in Charleston or the South Carolina Aquarium should be on your must-do list in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Overall, the climate type falls in the humid, subtropical category. Temperatures range from 68 degrees F on the coast to 90 degrees F in the central region in the summer. Throughout the state the rainfall averages between 38 inches in the central region to 52 inches in the upper piedmont. Expect just a few inches of snow and sleet about three times a year.

You won’t get wet watching your favorite professional sports team because this state doesn’t have any. No pro football, baseball, basketball or hockey.

The top five industries include aerospace and aviation, car manufacturing, biotechnology and life sciences, transportation, and recycling. Besides the more than 100 aerospace-related businesses here, Boeing has also set up a second final assembly line for its Dreamliner. The Palmetto State leads most of the nation in automotive manufacturing jobs. Medical device companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and research laboratories employ more than 13,000 residents. South Carolina ranks high in transportation because Charleston is the seventh largest container port in the US. Everything from electronics to construction materials to mattresses is recycled here and this state has the companies to support that industry.

Even though this all seems quite normal, the city of Bowman has a UFO Welcome Center designed to great space aliens whenever they land.