New York Moving Companies

Whether you are moving from NYC, upstate, or somewhere in between, you will need to make sure your New York mover is licensed and insured. We can help you find a qualified mover in your area. While you are searching, take a look below and learn a little about the state of New York.

Thinking of moving to New York State? If you’ve not already decided on a specific region, you have many broad and diverse choices in landscapes. From the bustling metropolis of New York City to the lush countryside of Westchester County or the dazzling beauty of the Finger Lakes, the Empire State has a place for everyone’s taste. Large urban areas, small towns, farmlands and wilderness all coexist in harmony here.

If you’ve already selected your next hometown, you can easily branch out from there and visit any of the state’s other regions in a day or two. New York measures 285 miles wide and 330 miles long. On a road trip you can enjoy arts, culture, history, music and restaurants unrivaled anywhere else on earth. Tripadvisor claims this state has 2,481 attractions so boredom should never set in and you’ll not easily run out of things to do and see.

Because of the diverse geography, outdoor recreation thrives. Twenty-four national parks dot this small state with gems like Fire Island National Seashore and Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site, and the award-winning state park system includes 179 parks. That gives you multiple opportunities to hike, boat, fish, golf, camp and more. You won’t even have to wait for summer to explore because of the mild climate.

New York is positioned in the Earth’s temperate zone which exempts it from most radical temperatures and extreme weather events. January and February see temperatures below freezing while July offers the warmest days of the year. Hurricanes and tornadoes are very uncommon. Even so, the weather has been known to change dramatically in a matter of hours in New York City.

If your next home is the city that never sleeps, expect an extensive and complex public transportation system. You won’t need a car. Buses stop every two blocks and both the subway and bus service run 24 hours a day. You’ll have easy access to first-run Broadway shows, Yankee Stadium, the Museum of Natural History and more plus the ultimate bagel - soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside.