Kentucky Moving Companies

Local or Long, Auto or International. No matter the type of move you are making, we can help you find a licensed Kentucky moving company. You can also read below to learn a little about the state of Kentucky.

Nicknamed the "Bluegrass State" because of the bluish purple hue their grass buds exhibit in the spring, Kentucky has diverse environmental layers, plentiful resources and the world’s longest cave system. Mammoth Cave National Park boasts the longest navigable waterways and streams in the lower 48 states plus two very large man-made lakes.

Besides exploring the 350 miles of caves at Mammoth Cave National Park, you can also witness the antics of exotic animals and aquatic creatures at the various zoos and aquariums in this state. Take a tour of the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington to view majestic championship thoroughbreds. The equine industry here has an annual economic impact exceeding $4 billion.

Horses have become the main source of farm income in the Bluegrass State. Driving down the highways you’ll see expansive thoroughbred farms reaching from the roadside to beyond your view. You may notice some of those farms represented at the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville every May. Farmers also raise chickens, cattle, soybeans, corn and tobacco. Kentucky ranks second in the United States in tobacco production.

Crops thrive in this state’s moderate, relatively humid climate. Although Kentucky experiences four distinct seasons, spring and fall are most popular weather-wise. In the spring the fields of bluegrass pop with color and fledgling foals make their first runs in horse country. During the fall, shades of autumn appear most notably in the Appalachian Mountains.

Across the state industries that contribute to the total gross product of the state include: manufacturing (auto manufacturing is a top industry), government, insurance and real estate, retail trade, transportation and public utilities, wholesale trade, construction, mining, farming and agricultural services. Among the large companies headquartered in Kentucky are: Camping World, Fruit of the Loom, GE Consumer & Industrial, Hitachi Automotive Products, Inc., Humana Insurance, Papa John’s Pizza and Tempur-pedic.

When it comes to culinary prowess the Bluegrass State stuns with their Hot Browns, Burgoo and Benedictine, Spoonbread and corn pudding. The Hot Brown is a sandwich made famous by Louisville’s Brown Hotel. It contains turkey, bacon, tomatoes and much more. Burgoo has long been known as a Derby-day treat and resembles a stew containing a variety of meats. Benedictine is a cucumber dip. No translation is necessary for Kentucky’s finger-lickin’ barbecue and fried chicken. You’ll find food for gourmets, picky-eaters and everyone in between.