Hawaii Moving Companies

Hawaii might have reduced stress living, but finding a moving company in any state can cause a headache. 123Movers can help you with your search by putting you in touch with licensed Hawaii movers. You can also read below for some interesting facts about the beautiful state of Hawaii.

Many travelers flock to the Hawaiian Islands for vacations, but 1.42 million (2014) people live there full time. Most of those reside in Honolulu, 402,500 (2014), the capital city. Honolulu is located on the island of Oahu, which is the third largest Hawaiian island in size, but the most densely populated.

Although there are actually eight large Hawaiian islands, the inhabited ones you’re most likely to consider for your next home include Oahu, Hawaii (The Big Island), Kauai, Maui, Lanai and Molokai.

Companies employing the most workers have their offices in Honolulu. Altres Medical, Kapiolani Medical Center, Queen’s Medical Center and Hawaii Health Systems Corporation all employ more than 3.400 people. Government operations including Tripler Army Medical Center and the Naval Air Station at Wahiawa on Oahu also bring a large number of workers to the island. The Bank of Hawaii employs more than 2,500.

The top export industries and agriculture include tourism, defense, cane sugar, molasses, bananas, macadamia nuts, taro and pineapple. Kona coffee is grown on Hawaii (The Big Island) and Hawaii is the only state in the nation that grows coffee.

But if you only focus on work, the Aloha State won’t appeal to you. Hawaiians and the many other cultures represented on the islands like to play. The warm weather where temperatures average 70-90 degrees year round coupled with the numerous public beaches encourage everyone to spend time outside. You’ll find residents surfing, swimming, snorkeling, picnicking, barbecuing, hiking, biking and even sightseeing whenever they can. Free activities abound including cultural classes at the Royal Hawaiian Center, live music, fireworks and outdoor movies.

No-cost entertainment means a great deal when the cost of living measures 65 percent higher than the United States average. Senior citizens, however, do get some financial breaks – their Social Security income and employer pensions are exempt from state taxes, and if they own a home they get a break on their property taxes.

On the plus side Hawaiian residents warmly welcome newcomers with their Aloha Spirit or friendly acceptance. They love sharing their traditions like leis, luaus, the hula, ukulele music and signature dishes.

Traditional food of the Aloha State includes Poke, Spam Musubi, Lomi Salmon, and Kalua Pork - an entire pig stuffed with hot rocks, covered with banana leaves and cooked underground for 6-8 hours.