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Relocation in New Mexico

If you are moving to New Mexico, you will enjoy the drive through the state; most likely traveling through Route 66. New Mexico’s sunset colored landscape, gigantic canyons and sudden mountains give you a breathtaking view you just can’t find anywhere else.

You can find a mix of Hispanic; Anglo and Native American cultures sprawled out through New Mexico. Many families in Northern New Mexico trace their ancestry back to 18th century Spanish settlers, while in the Southern part of the state, more recent arrivals continue to bring new energy to New Mexico. A timeless land, New Mexico’s Latin and native flavors, rhythms and traditions have commingled and absorbed newer American to the state.

Now that you’ll be living in New Mexico, there are a couple facts you’ll want to keep in mind about moving:

New Mexico Moving Information believes that customers should get honest, reliable, and quality services from moving companies in New Mexico. We work with a wide range of movers who are passionate about the success of a customer’s move. Movers in our network uphold the standards held by American Movers & Storage Association (AMSA) or their local movers association.

If you are using a long distance moving company in New Mexico, you need a mover who can provide honest, efficient, and quality services. A great way to ensure you get the service you deserve is to use a moving company who is a member of the New Mexico Movers and Warehousemen’s Association (NMMWA).

Residential or commercial, movers who are associated with NMMWA:

  • Adhere to the rules and regulations of New Mexico Public Regulation Commission
  • Encourage and promote respectable industry service
  • Observe and recognize laws related to employee safety and operations
  • Fully explain the liability limits of a carrier
  • Cooperate in the review of industry alleged improper practices
  • Encourage employees to behave and act responsibly as they represent the moving industry.

State Related Facts

  • The state capital is Santa Fe.
  • New Mexico is one of the four corner states. Bordering at the same point with Colorado, Utah and Arizona.
  • Santa Fe is the oldest state capital in the U.S., having been founded in 1609).
  • Nuclear and defense research are still big business in New Mexico. Large government run facilities at Los Alamos and White Sands employ thousands. In fact, one in four New Mexico workers is employed by the federal government.
  • Ground water is a scarce commodity in New Mexico, and the state is so dry that 3/4ths of New Mexico’s roads are left unpaved because it’s cheap and there’s no rain to wash them away.

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