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New Hampshire doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of New England. All the pieces are there - the sandy Atlantic beaches, Cape Cod style homes, fall foliage and stands of syrup producing maples - but New Hampshire has more to offer. If it is hiking the mountains or skiing in the winter, New Hampshire serves up enough activities for the entire family.

Since its independence from England in 1776, New Hampshire represents a liberal community of individuals who represent what freedom stands for. True to its libertarian ways, New Hampshire doesn’t have any personal income tax and locals take more than a little bit of pride in the role their state plays in the presidential primary race every four years.
You might not be willing to stake your life on it just yet, but once you move, chances are New Hampshire’s peculiar passions will sway you too.

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You should be excited about moving. Escape the dreadful thoughts of moving by selecting to help with your move. Avoid the hassle and stress that comes along with searching for a moving company in New Hampshire. Skip searching the internet aimlessly and connect with qualified moving companies in New Hampshire.

Filling out the quote form is the beginning to a stress-free move. Next, you will be contacted by up to eight moving companies who will have your best interest at heart. Finally, the decision is up to you; you can compare moving companies in New Hampshire and make a decision on your own time.

Now that you’re moving to New Hampshire, there are a couple things you’ll want to keep in mind.

  • The state capital is Concord.
  • New Hampshire’s population is 1,316,472.
  • New Hampshire doesn’t have any personal income tax.
  • New Hampshire state representatives and state senators are paid just $100 a year. Most legislators are proud of the low pay, seeing it as a sign of their independence and of community involvement in government. Over the years, New Hampshire’s lawmakers have voted down numerous attempts to raise their pay.
  • Merrimack, New Hampshire is the home of the Budweiser Clydsdales.
  • New Hampshire’s present constitution was adopted in 1784; it is the second oldest in the country.

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