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Relocation in Massachusetts

If you don’t know what to think of Massachusetts, you can expect fresh seafood off the shore, great sporting events, a great education system, and family environment for you to enjoy. No matter the age group, there is something for everyone.

If it’s your first time moving to Massachusetts or you are familiar with the state, knowing the inside and outs of your transition can be beneficial. Understand state laws as they pertain to moving, how to make your move easier and additional facts to get you adjusted to your move to Massachusetts.

Massachusetts State Moving Information
If you want to avoid being the next consumer to rant about the horror story that just involved a moving company in Massachusetts, you need follow guidelines provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and/or Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (MDPU).

The FMCSA and MDPU have their own set of rules that regulate two different types of movers in Massachusetts. If you are moving from one state to another, your mover must follow the guidelines of the FMCSA and not MDPU. If you are moving within the state of Massachusetts, moving companies must be licensed by the MDPU. Whether you are moving intrastate or interstate, the FMCSA and MDPU provide laws, rules and regulations that are designed to protect you; the consumer.

Checklist for Easier Moving

  • Verify the mover has a Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (MDPU) license.
  • Request and obtain a written estimate from a mover licensed with the MDPU.
  • Check with MDPU in regards to a movers rates, liability coverage and complaint history of the mover.
  • Make sure to be present during your move.
  • Review the written bill of lading (front & back) carefully before signing.
  • Agree to the method and terms of payment before moving day.
  • During unloading, check your household goods carefully before signing off on their condition. Be sure the bill of lading gives you the right to take a reasonable amount of time to check items for damages.
  • Ask the mover to check the van to ensure that all your household goods have been delivered.
  • If an issue should arise regarding the storage of your shipment contact the Department Of Public Safety at (617) 727-3200. The MDPU does not regulate the storage of household goods.

This list is provided by the Department of Public Utilities

Additional Information can be obtained at:
Massachusetts Movers Association
c/oLynch Associates
10 Liberty Sq., 5th Fl
Boston, MA 02109

Massachusetts Department Of Public Utilities
Transportation Oversight Division
1 South Station
Boston MA 02110

Federal Motor Carrier Administration
50 Mall Road
Suite 212
Burlington, MA 01803

State Related Facts

  • Capital City:Boston
  • Boston built the first subway system in the United States in 1897.
  • The Basketball Hall Of Fame is located in Springfield.
  • Massachusetts is known for its seafood, cranberries, dairy products, and nursery stock

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