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Stitched together from eight main islands that stretch over an ocean expanse of 1,600 miles, Hawaii is a world apart from the rest of the U.S. Almost 2,500 miles west of California, Hawaii’s environment seems as distant as the far side of the moon from anywhere in the lower 48. Hawaii’s legendary shoreline boasts miles of white sand, as well as black, grey, brown, red and green sand beaches. The experience of relaxing on a Hawaiian beach can only be matched by hiking Hawaii’s rainforest in Akaka State Park, or watching luminescent lava cascade down the sides of Kilauea, the world’s largest and most active volcano, at night.

Like California, Hawaii’s population doesn’t have any clear ethnic or racial majority. Native Hawaiians, of Polynesian descent, intermingled with the European, Chinese, Japanese and Filipino settlers who’ve arrived over the years. Many Hawaii residents claim multiples ancestries and a hybrid language, pidgin Hawaiian, is spoken by almost everyone.

Now that you’re moving to Hawaii, there are a few moving facts you’ll want to remember:

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If you are moving to Hawaii, chances are your friends will stop speaking to you out of jealousy. Luckily for you, that will be the least of your worries as you are preparing to move. You need a moving company in Hawaii that is familiar with transporting items from point A to point B and there is only one service who can help; will connect you to qualified moving companies in Hawaii who can assist you with getting your items to your final destination safely. Each mover goes through a stringent process to ensure customers get the highest quality move from licensed moving companies in the Hawaii area.

State Related Facts

  • Hawaii’s state capital and largest city is Honolulu.
  • Tourism is Hawaii’s largest industry.
  • Hawaii supplies one third the world’s commercial pineapple stock and is the only place in America where coffee is grown on an industrial scale.
  • Hawaii has two official languages, Hawaiian and English, though Pidgin, Samoan, and Tongan are also spoken.
  • Surfing, or heenalu, was invented thousands of years ago by the Polynesians who first settled Hawaii. Their boards weighed more than 150 pounds and measured up to 20 feet.
  • Hawaii is America’s youngest state, entering the nation on August 21, 1959.

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