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Delaware is a proud state dating back to colonial times. Known as “the First State”, it was the first of the thirteen colonies to ratify the Constitution. Bordered by the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, Delaware is squeezed between the Delaware River and the Chesapeake Bay. Small enough to be Maryland’s beach, tourists crowd Delaware’s beaches, and sport fisherman charter boats from Delaware’s coastal towns.

Living in Delaware can mean living next to a windswept beach, or out in the country surrounded by chicken farms. It’s rare to find a town with more than two thousand residents. But even then, you’ll never be more than two counties over from the art galleries and restaurants of Wilmington, Delaware’s largest city - or Philadelphia, right across the Pennsylvania line.

Now that you’re moving to Delaware, there are a couple things you’ll want to remember:

Delaware Moving Information wants you to find the right moving company for your move. Residential or commercial, you can find a long distance moving company in Delaware who will care about the details of your move. It starts with filling out the quote form and being connected to a network of qualified movers in your area.

Compare the best Delaware moving companies and get the services that are tailored to your needs. In the process of shopping for the best quotes, there are some other details to pay close attention to.

  • Get a minimum of three different quotes from moving companies.
  • Avoid signing blank documents or putting down a large deposit.
  • Get all your estimates in writing.
  • Find out what movers have in place for loss and damage claims. If there is nothing in place, find a mover who will cover your items.
  • Avoid signing a delivery receipt if it contains any language releasing or discharging your mover or its agents from liability of your items.
  • Always request the pamphlet ‘Your Rights and Responsibilities’. Movers are required to provide you with this pamphlet before moving.
  • Confirm you are being moved by the mover and not through a broker.

State Related Facts

  • Delaware’s state capital is Dover.
  • Like to shop? You can expect no sales tax in Delaware
  • Delaware is only the second smallest state in America.
  • The state is a hundred miles long and less than fifty miles across at its widest point
  • Delaware is the only state in America without any National Park System sites - no national parks or monuments.
  • The first log cabins were built in Finland. The design was first introduced in Delaware by Finnish immigrants.
  • Think Georgia would be "the Peach state?" Think again. Delaware has claimed the title because the peach blossom is the official state flower of Delaware.
  • Delaware is named after a 17th century governor of Virginia, Lord de la Warr.

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