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If you are moving within your state you are making a Local move, also known as an Intrastate move. As long as the moving truck does not cross state lines (or country borders) the move will be considered a Local move, even if the distance itself is long (moving from Eureka, CA to San Diego, CA is considered a Local move even though you are traveling over 750 miles). And be careful, if you move within your state but the moving truck ventures out of the state as part of its route (maybe it has a storage facility one state over where it will store your stuff for a few days), the move will be considered Long Distance which is something you want to avoid (these moves have different license requirements and often higher prices).

It's important to know that Local movers are regulated by the state within which they perform moves. So each Local mover has to obtain a license from their own state moving regulatory body and follow the laws set forth by that institution. Unlike Long Distance movers who all follow the same Federal regulations, each state may have different laws that apply to their Local movers. So make sure you check with your state's moving agency to check on the license status of the mover you want to hire. Here is a list of Local mover licensing agencies by state.

Even if you are moving around the block it still benefits you to hire a Local mover. They pack you up, load you up, move you, and unpack for you. Your stress level will be reduced and you can actually enjoy your moving day. When you use 123Movers, you'll get quotes from multiple Local movers who will give you their best rates so they can earn your business. So just fill out our quick and easy form above to get your free moving quotes today!

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