Moving is almost like going to the auto mechanic. You only hope to speak with an honest person who won’t tack on additional fees to the job. We trust the information that we receive is correct but there’s always a bit of uncertainty. How do you know the information you are getting from movers is true or false? We have compiled a list a scenarios that you might hear from moving companies.

  1. "We can give you a discount on your intrastate (within state) move." Depending on the state you are moving in, this may be false. Some states prevent movers from offering discounts on moves. Check with your state/local movers association to confirm a moving company is able to provide discounts for local move.
  2. "We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau." This could very well be true but some movers are banking on you not doing your own research. Contact the BBB to verify their rating. Verify recent complaints and find out if they have been resolved or not.
  3. "There’s no middle man, we pick up and deliver your goods to your destination." Some moving companies fail to mention that your move will be "contracted out". If someone besides the mover you hired shows up, cancel the move. It might be a good idea to have a plan B mover handy just in case.
  4. "We provide full value protection on your goods if they are damaged." This information is false. Movers can only offer up to .60 cents per lb on the value of your items. Coverage is minimal so if you need more coverage, contact your insurance company or third party insurance companies.
  5. "We provide free in-home estimates on all moves." All movers should provide in-home estimates in order to evaluate your items and giving you a more concrete estimate. If a mover chooses not to visit your residence, find a moving company who will.
  6. "We offer free packing with all of our moves." Movers may definitely offer free packing but make sure you are getting free packing and nothing else. Some moving companies may offer free packing but charge you for packing supplies. Sometimes free isn’t always good.
  7. "Don’t worry about signing this form, we’ll get your items to the final destination safely and sound." Whenever dealing with a moving company, documents should be signed by the mover and you. Signatures and services performed should be on the Bill of Lading before a move has been performed.
  8. "We are registered with the US DOT and FMCSA." Don’t just take their word for it, do your own research. Check to see if your mover is registered with FMCSA and USDOT. Whether they are providing a intrastate or interstate move, they should be licensed to perform residential moves.
  9. "We won’t unload your items until we are paid in full." If your mover tells you this, it may not sound like the best customer service but you should pay the driver in accordance to the terms of the agreement.  
  10. "We have run out of Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move brochures, you can find it online." Stand firm in your request for the brochure. Movers are required to furnish this brochure before the move.

Your move is very important and there is nothing like being prepared for your move. Understanding your rights will save you from a ton of headache and wasted money. For more information about your upcoming move, you can visit your state/local movers association or Take control of your move