Winter is different for everyone around the world, but for most, it means ice, snow, and cold. Considered the down season for the moving industry, winter is a great time to move. Depending on where you live, moving in the winter may be cost effective but it may also not be the most fun activity.

If you are moving in the winter, here are some suggestions to make your move easier during the cold season:

Dress for the occasion

It may sound obvious but if you plan on moving or helping someone move, you should remember to stay warm at all times. Come equipped with a great pair of boots, warm coat, and gloves with good grip. You may get warm during your move and want to wear less but that would result in you possibly getting sick after the move.

In the event that the heat is not turned on in your house, you should keep blankets on hand. It is always good to be prepared, so have some warm items on hand just in case.

Create a clear path

Keeping a clear path for the move is extremely important. Have your walkways, staircases, driveways, and paths clear of ice and snow. A slip and fall while moving can be very dangerous and embarrassing! Regardless of how clear your driveways and walkways are, make sure to walk slowly while moving your boxes. Black ice could have formed and can create a very slick surface. Take your time to ensure your safety.

Keep the heat on

If your energy company has your heat turned off during your winter move, this could create a huge problem. Not only will you be cold while moving throughout your house, but if you have to spend an extra night there due to uncontrollable circumstances, you will freeze. Also, find out if your new home will be heated by the time you move in. If it is (and you can), go to your new home before you start moving and turn the heat on to ensure a toasty home to relax in afterwards. If it is not, invest in a couple of space heaters to stay warm throughout the night with.

Eat and drink warm

Before the move, make sure to get a good meal in to give you energy and warmth you need. A nice hot meal will get you going when you start moving. To keep warm, keep on hand a kettle of hot water for instant coffee, teas, and dry soups for you and the movers. Keeping snacks readily available for a quick energy boost will also warm you and your helpers up in an instant.

Moving in the winter may not be the most fun activity in the world, but it can be done while staying warm. It doesn't have to be an ice cold move if it's done right. Get with the right moving company who can get the job done efficiently. If you plan on moving in the winter, get in touch with a list of moving companies who can help during the cold months.