You just moved in to your new home and you are probably wondering what your neighbors are like. Are they loud, party a lot, never sleep? So many questions run through your mind until you finally meet them. Some us get lucky and have neighbors who are rarely ever home and some of end up with the neighbor from hell.

After finally settling in to your new home, set aside time to meet your neighbors. Before making assumptions, here are some tips for meeting your new neighbors.

Introduce Yourself
Take the time to knock on your neighbor’s door and introduce yourself. Establish a rapport with your neighbor early enough to prevent any miscommunication that can arise later on. Talk about your family and discuss what brought you to the neighborhood. Establishing a rapport with your neighbor will create a relationship where you will look out for each other in time of need.

If you are having a small gathering or a housewarming, invite your neighbors over. It’s a great opportunity to show them you are excited to be in the neighborhood and you look forward to building a rapport with everyone.

Take Time
Everyone has a busy schedule with work, family, and other activities but when you have moment, take time to speak with your neighbors. Neighbors will be able to inform you about neighborhood happenings, expectations, community groups and resident associations. If you have questions, this is a great time to ask your neighbors.

Walk the dog
If you are walking the dog, you’ll more than likely pass neighbors you have never seen before. You more than likely smile, speak, and keep going. The next time, take the opportunity to introduce yourself. Compliment their dog and ask about convenient dog parks to break the ice. Maybe next time you can walk together.

Strengthen the neighborhood by connecting with your neighbors. Be a part of the unity that has kept the neighborhood safe, secure, and happy. Neighbors should make each other feel welcome to their newly acquired humble abode.