Congratulations! You’ve moved. But now that your there, you see you need a few things. First and foremost, furniture. You need somewhere to sit, you need somewhere to sleep, and you need to have a place for your friends and family to sleep over. When shopping for furniture, there are a few tips that everyone furniture buyer should know.

Don’t Rush It
You should never be afraid to sleep on an air mattress for a few nights. It’s better than rushing to get a bed and overspending about $500. There are plenty of good deals out there, so there is no reason run out to a Macy’s and get the first bed you see. Shop around (also online) at non-name brand stores (Ex. Chuck’s Bedorama) because often they have good stuff too. Just because it’s not from a big name store, it doesn’t mean you're not getting big name quality.

Don’t Think That You Can’t Get Something For Free?
You’d be surprised how many people are just giving away stuff. Ask your friends, ask their friends. Who knows who’s giving what away.? Another great place to look is Craig’s List. Sometimes you’ll find a rich couple getting rid of a brand new couch, just because they felt like getting new one. In this case, you can get a $5,000 couch for FREE.

Don’t Forget To Plan Ahead
One huge mistake people tend to do is not know what they want. So when it’s time to buy, they feel pressured into picking something. The solution: figure out what colors you like, what materials you like, what size you like etc. so when the time comes, you’ll be fully prepared.

Don’t Leave The Store Without A Test Run
Never buy furniture without testing it out. If you want to buy a bed, make sure you jump on it, sleep on it, roll around on it, sit on it, fall on, and everything you can think of in order to make sure it meets your standards. If something is wrong, then tells the sales person to show something that suites you better: softer, longer, taller, bouncier, or whatever you prefer.

Don’t Be Cheap On The Bed Because You Want To Buy A More Expensive Sofa
The most important piece of furniture you’ll buy for your home is a bed. Out of all your furniture, you’ll probably spend the most time on your bed. It’s the place you’ll sleep, it’s the place you’ll read before bed, it’s the place you’ll relax. If you can’t be comfortable in your own bed, then you won’t be comfortable in your own house.

Don’t Ignore The Warranty
Who’s responsible if the wooden frame of your sofa splits? Is it you? Is it the store you bought it from? Is it the manufacturer? All these questions can be answered in the store. You have to make sure you know the extent of the warranty because that could be a deciding factor between 2 items you’re considering. It’s important to note that high quality furniture will have at least up to a 5 year warranty. Furthermore, some warranties can be void if you move to a new location. So don’t forget to ask about all these items.

Now that you’re an expert furniture shopper, you should have no trouble getting furniture for your new home.