Whether you’re dorming at college or getting your first apartment, having roommates can be a very difficult situation. Often, your roommates may be the complete opposite of you. They maybe loud and messy and you may be quiet and clean. When you’re put into a situation like this, one can be driven crazy. Here are a few tips on avoiding roommate terror:

Pick your own
If possible, pick your own roommates. Don’t just room with anyone. By picking your own roommates, you know if those people will get on your nerves or fit right in. Choose good friends or people you know are compatible with your life style. If these options aren’t available, then at least spend some time with your prospective roommates to see if you can stand living with them.

What belongs to who
Once you’ve chosen your roommates you know have to deal with allocating "chores".
For instance: grocery shopping, dish washing, sweeping, and cleaning are all things you now have to worry about. Even with friends as roommates, you’re still not in the clear. What if you roommates like tuna fish and you don’t? What if it’s your roommate’s turn to clean the dishes but she went away for the weekend. What will you do about these sorts of situations? It’s simple. Everyone is responsible for themselves. This means that everyone is responsible for feeding themselves, cleaning after themselves, and buying themselves their own things. Obviously some things need to be shared such as toilet paper, silverware, pots and pans. Things like cereal, shampoo, and lunch bags do not need to be shared. By laying down the rule that everyone is on their own, you will take away any complications of having to split up responsibilities.

Your room
If possible, try to get your own room. Even if it’ll cost you a little extra, it’s worth the privacy. If this is your first experience living out of your parent’s house, wouldn’t you rather have that experience in your own room? Sharing a room always leads to complications. Where do the beds go? Where do the shelves go? Where should the TV go? Should there be a TV at all? These questions will be answered with 2 opinions: your opinion and your roommate's opinion. If you have conflicting opinions, then problems will occur.

Your life
Now that you’re on your own, it’s time to run your own life. It’s time to worry about and care for yourself without having to worry about others. One downfall of having roommates is that you may not always want to hang out with them, but feel bad telling them to leave you alone. It’s difficult to get away from your roommates considering that they live with you. But if you want to avoid this problem then you must either tell them the truth, or just not include them in what you’re doing. They’ll soon get the picture.
So just remember; be in control, or someone else will be in control of you.