Our Mission Statement

"To provide excellence in quality service to our customers by setting and achieving the highest standards in the transportation industry, maintained through training, education and communication".

To provide the exceptional quality of service our customers deserve, by taking the extra steps to go "above and beyond" what is expected of us.

"Always striving to achieve the highest standards through communication, hands-on-training and continually educating both employees and customers with one goal in mind";


Founded in 1888 by Mr. Henrik Walter Von Sydow, our first assignments were to handle inbound shipping trunks containing the worldly possessions o f immigrants coming to Chicago and then, state-of-the-art merchandise for eventual display and sale at original State Street retailers. Our organization exemplifies the result of countless hours spent refining the often "taken for granted" functions of moving.

We grew in capability and reputation, and by 1920 maintained a five-story, elevated warehouse and office facility on South Chicago Avenue. Fifth-generation owners Brad, Judy and Kris Von Sydow, we are proud to boast Capability, Capacity and Commitment. Having survived numerous obstacles, including strikes, poor economic conditions;
2008 Recession, and highly-competitive pricing pressures, we have remained a leader in our community and a major representative of the world's largest household transportation company.

Our modern corporate headquarters and a record retention facility are located in Palatine and Schaumburg, Illinois.
From here, we direct on-going employee relocation activities for clients such as HSBC Bank US Household International, Inc. CR Industries, Recon Optical, Zellweger Analytics, Inc. and many more along with ongoing residential moves, as well as=2 0commercial moves for Motorola, Inc., Bell & Howell, Hill Mechanical Group, Westell, Inc. Zenith, Inc and many others. A major portion of our business is generated from referrals.

we have the ability to monitor all our shipments anywhere in the world on a daily basis.

The trickle-down effect of our prior successes and abilities - quite simply - is better service for you. Our equipment is state-of-the-art, our crews are trained in all areas of relocation and our standards are strict to ensure top quality service at fair prices.

At Von Sydow's Moving & Storage, Inc., we truly believe there is room for us to "Make a Difference" in the Transportation Industry".

Brad, Judy and Kris Von Sydow