Real Deal Van Lines Inc is the best moving services provider this side of the Mississippi!

How can we make such a bold statement? Easily, because we can prove it!

We asked ourselves “What is a moving company?”

Our Answer: “An organization that sells labor.” That is it, simple right?

So, we asked our self a follow-up question “How do we sell the as much labor as we possibly can.”

Our answer: “We find and retain the best movers; honest, hardworking, experienced, and respectful people.”

Sooo, we had ask ourselves yet another question, “How do we find the best movers?”

Our answer:”We must offer them the single best compensation package, a package that not even a union shop can compete with. Even, oh my goodness *deep breath*, if that means cutting into our profit.”

Long story short, we treat our employees better than any other moving company in return they treat our customers and their belongings better than any other moving company.

Give us a call today to get you started on your move!