To help make your move as convenient as possible Jordan River Moving & Storage, Inc. offers 24 hours service, 7 days a week at no additional cost to you. Our foremen are seasoned professionals who know how to move a family, a small business or a large corporation. From delicate china to sensitive computer equipment, all of your possessions will be handled with care.

Jordan River's equipment is maintained and operated by highly skilled professionals. Our modern, fully equipped trucks are specifically designed to help Look for the guys in the yellow shirts for all your moving needs!reduce the chance of goods being damaged in transit.

Our insurance coverage spans from the starting point of your move to the final destination. A client representative will help you decide on the amount of protection you will need and explain the price structure for each plan.

To begin the moving ball rolling, one of our client representatives will visit with you, make a thorough assessment of your individual moving needs, and give you a comprehensive and accurate cost estimate.

Jordan River will wrap all your items securely in clean protective pads to prevent scratches and other incidental damage before they are moved. Upon your request, special attention will be made to your fragile and delicate items.

Jordan River is equipped to meet your space needs, however large or small. Our newly constructed, fully licensed and insured warehouse maintains top security and is climate controlled for optimum protection. The storage area is clean, orderly, and available for inspection at any time.