Us vs. the Big Guys

We base our prices on inventory. We offer guaranteed flat rate prices. We do not charge hourly or by weight. Most van lines have a minimum charge to begin with and add on from there. The longer it takes them, the more it costs you. We set our price and regardless of the time it takes us to complete the move, the price remains the same.

Save Money

Hiring us is cheaper than doing it yourself. We offer very competitive prices. If you consider what you will spend to rent a truck, add on the insurance, gas, moving pads etc, moving yourself is not as cheap as you think.


We can move in a few hours what it takes most people to do in days. We work evenings and weekends at no additional charge. We offer same day and short notice moves.


Our movers have over 15 years experience in moving and packing. We use high quality equipment to ensure the safety of your items.

We can assemble/disassemble items by request. Our quoted prices do not include this fee unless requested at the time of the quote.