About Us:

Caliber Moving Company was established in 2004 for the explicit purpose of providing the highest quality relocation services available in the State of Texas. We currently have our office in Georgetown, TX where we provide local moving services in Williamson County and the Austin, TX area. In addition, we provide services between any 2 points in Texas with a concentration in , Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston.

Our commitment to our customers revolves around Quality Service, Dependable Equipment, Professional Personnel and Exceptional Value. Understanding our customer’s needs is our primary objective, which allows us to merge their needs with the applicable service level and provide them with an enjoyable relocation experience. Caliber Moving is a full service
licensed and insured moving and cartage co operating in the state of Texas.

We started business in 2004 in the Austin area to provide quality moving services for those who are looking for quality. Understanding that cost is always a concern, we have developed a pricing strategy, which is fair and equitable for
both parties. Our objective is not to be the most expensive, nor to be the low cost provider. However, when all facets of our business are taken into consideration, and quality is the customer’s criteria for selection of a carrier, we distinguish ourselves in the marketplace.