About Us:
Life is full of heavy stuff. Why add moving to your load? Let us carry it. At American Choice Van Lines our experience, training and above all our peak performance will insure your satisfaction. Our crews carefully pack your possessions and take the same care with the delicate items as the bulk ones. We have years of experience in properly packing, handling and transporting your possessions. Your possessions are priceless to you, so they become priceless to us. Give us a call and let us move you to your new horizon.

Local Move:
American Choice Van Lines is your local mover. For nearly two decades, we have been servicing your neighbors and relatives. American Choice Van Lines makes all of our customers smile, even the young ones, with the quality service we provide. For us, it is a matter of pride. You can depend on us to be gentlemen, and our service to be gentle.

Free Consultation
When you first plan your move, give American Choice Van Lines a call. We conduct in-home or over-the-phone consultations. Our staff hand-tailors your move without obligation, regardless of the time required to assess your needs.

Guaranteed Care
On moving day, we guarantee the greatest care with each of your belongings. We promise not just with words, but with thick, cushioned pads and sturdy packing materials. We pad, wrap and strap all appliances, furniture and delicate upholstery prior to moving each item from your old location. The protection is not removed until each piece is exactly where you want it in your new location.

Our Quality Team
Our team strives to maintain the Quest for Quality with quick, courteous customer service. None of us at American Choice Van Lines smokes, drinks liquor – even if you are so kind as to offer such refreshments – or chews gum or tobacco on the job.

After the Move
When moving day is over we can arrange for a cleaning service in your old home, office or plant. American Choice Van Lines will call to see how else we may be of assistance and to confirm your satisfaction with the job.

Let Us Know How We Can Help!
Give American Choice Van Lines a call today at TOLL FREE (888)-USA-5001 or follow the links to receive a free estimate, learn more about our services, discover your options for additional insurance coverage, or review our references. We are eager to make your move a pleasant and a gentle one!

Long Distance:
Long distance moving includes any move that crosses state lines. American Choice Van Lines offers service throughout the continental United States, focusing on shipments arriving and departing from the San Francisco Bay Area. American Choice Van Lines guarantees on-time pick-up and delivery. Whether your destination is Texas, New York or Florida, we’re proud to offer the best possible service at an affordable price. We will ensure the safety and care of your belongings, so you can concentrate on a new beginning.

Long Distance Services
One item or an entire household shipment
Detailed inventories provided for each move
Guaranteed on time pick-up and delivery dates
Same or next day service throughout the east coast
Binding and not to exceed estimates available
Pick-ups and deliveries performed only by American Choice Van Lines personnel
Unique numbered tagging system for all items shipped
Customized crating of pictures, glass and marble
Blanket and plastic stretch wrapping of all furniture
Semi-Trailers equipped with air ride suspension systems
Moving Charges
Long-distance moving is based upon the mileage from the origin to the destination, and the cubic footage of your belongings. American Choice Van Lines will pick your items up from your home and store them at Storage until the shipment is ready to leave for the destination. Alternatively, American Choice Van Lines offers pick up at your current residence with a direct delivery to your new home. American Choice Van Lines will complete a full inventory of your belongings and will safely and securely wrap or box items that require special care.

A few words of advice...
When it comes to moving your personal belongings across the state, nothing is as important as a fully-qualified, trained team. American Choice Van Lines gives you personal and caring service and a promise to treat your belongings as we would our own.