"Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal"

At Advanced Moving & Storage we are a team of committed professionals who realize that our customers ensure our future. Our goal is to provide superior world class service. We will strive to address each customer concern as if it is our only concern. We are only successful when we create an experience for our customers for which they are willing to return.

At Advanced Moving & Storage we understand that in your busy schedule, you may not have the time required to fully prepare yourself for your move. By having Advanced Moving & Storage pack for you, we take much of the time and hassle out of your move. Advanced Moving & Storage can come to your apartment or house the day before your move and fully pack the entire household in just one day. This replaces the days or weeks often needed to you ready for the move.

Packing by Advanced Moving & Storage is usually performed one to two days before the move for larger jobs, or on the day of the move if the scope of packing is limited. Advanced Moving & Storage can give quotes on small jobs, such as packing a single cabinet of china, and on packing entire households and businesses.

Advanced Moving & Storage offers state of the art long and short term storage facilities. Everything is kept in our climate controlled warehouse which is also attached to our office and is under 24 hour surveillance. Our facilities are monitored by a Brink's security system.

If Advanced Moving & Storage will be moving your belongings to our storage facilities, your upholstered furniture, mattresses and box springs will be wrapped entirely in shrink wrap plastic. All your furniture will be wrapped in high quality sanitized furniture pads. All glass pieces will be bubble wrapped and packed as necessary at your house by our professional packers before they are moved. Your belongings will then be placed in an individual storage vault (about 1 room of furniture - 1000 lbs per vault) your vault is sealed and tagged with your name and then placed in a holding area until you request delivery.

Choosing a Mover
Choosing a moving company can be a daunting task. Open up the yellow pages and you are likely to find five or more pages of movers. Where should you begin? How do you find a reputable mover amidst all the possible choices? Once you receive a quote, should you choose the lowest bottom line estimate?

1.) Ask your friends
Talk to your friends, coworkers, neighbors, or relatives. Find out if they have moved within the last year. See what their experiences were. A solid mover will receive at least 40% of their business from referrals.

2.) Get an Estimate
Call up prospective movers and get a phone estimate. A better moving company will give a detailed and thorough estimate. The more detail oriented the company is from the start, the more likely your move will be smooth. Be careful of companies that give "low-ball" estimates. Either quoting low weights on long distance moves, or under quoting hours on a local move. This is a common tactic some movers use to get more business. Keep in mind that all movers will charge for the actual time a local move takes, or the actual weight of your long distance shipment. In other words the lowest price you initially hear may not be the lowest cost in the long run.