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We offer free estimates for your moving needs.

All of our moves are discounted. In most cases we can factor in your travel arrangements with our pick up and delivery schedules to best accommodate your requirements. Our customers may choose to work with us on scheduling so they can reap substantial financial savings.

We urge you to make an informed decision. Understand the parameters of your move and consider how much flexibility you can afford, then get other estimates. Compare the pros and cons of our moving services and rates to our competitors.
Normally, we can beat 90% of our competitors' prices because of our Network operation.

1st Choice Moving & Storage can move you anywhere in the continental United States and Hawaii!

Interstate/Long Distance Moves

1st Choice Moving & Storage wants you to know about interstate moving. Below are the details of the three phases of any move:

Estimate, Documents, and Delivery

Planning (The Estimate) It's the most important part of every move. So planning has become a specialty of 1st Choice Moving & Storage. From supplying the correct packing materials and labor through loading, safe driving and unpacking, we make sure every possibility is anticipated and every need is met. From start to finish, we handle the details.

It all begins with one of our experienced representatives. They will guide you through the process, and will initiate the services of our coordinators, operations personnel, and others whose special training or unique capabilities are needed.


The purpose of the estimate is to furnish you with an approximate cost of your move. We will discuss packing services, valuation, your move schedule and all special services required.

Cost On Interstate Moves

The cost will be calculated by taking the weight of your shipment and applying the appropriate tariff rate for the number of miles it will be traveling. Any materials or services requested, in addition to those of loading your goods, transporting and unloading them, will be itemized and charged accordingly. Services needed at destination will be included when communicated to your sales representative.

If you are paying for your own move, the move representative will furnish you with an Estimate/Order for Service form showing the breakdown of charges. If your employer is paying for the move, the estimate may be forwarded directly to your company.

When your moving schedule has been set, notify your sales representative immediately to schedule your desired pick-up and delivery dates. The last week of a month and the period from May through September are extremely busy, and Advance notice is requested.

How is the Customer Charged?

For interstate moves, most companies price their services using a standard set of rates based on weight and distance (per pounds). Then they offer "discounts" - usually 10% - 40% off the standard rates - or special tariffs to encourage business in slower seasons or to certain destinations (for example, a move from coast to coast).

To calculate your cost, the customer's goods are loaded and weighed. The truck is weighed empty either before your goods are loaded or after your goods are unloaded. Your cost will be the difference between the "empty" weight (the tare) and the combined weight (the gross). You also have the right to see the weight ticket from the station. If you believe the weight of your belongings is too much, you can ask for a second weighing. This is done at no cost to you, unless the second weight is more: in this case you will be responsible for paying the higher rate.

You may want to prepare for the possibility of additional or extra fees, which include:
packaging and unpackaging
The Documents

Your driver will present you with the Bill of Lading. This authorizes the carrier to transport your goods. Your driver is also required to complete a Household Goods Descriptive Inventory of items included in the shipment with a brief note of their condition. You will be then asked to sign the Inventory. If any additional services are necessary, the Additional Services Performed Origin/Destination Service and Delivery Report must also be completed by the driver and signed by you.

The Delivery

Payment is due at time of delivery by cash, certified check or postal money order. The driver begins unloading when the payment is received. Check with your sales representative prior to moving day to determine if credit card payment is accepted and what restrictions may apply.


As unloading begins, check off items received from your copy of the Inventory. The crew unloading your moving van is only required to place furniture once, so have a placement plan in mind. Be aware that unpacking services include taking packed items out of cartons and placing them on a table or counter. If the moving crew does your unpacking, you may request that they dispose of the used materials and containers when they have finished.


Although every effort will be made to see that your belongings arrive intact, there may be incidents when loss or damage occurs. In that event, completely unpack all your goods. Compile a list of any damaged or missing items. Locate the registration number from your Bill of Lading and call the Customer Service Department. Claim forms will be mailed promptly. You have two months from date of delivery to file your claim. However, it is suggested that you file as soon as possible.

If you are being relocated at your company's request, find out what portion of our moving expenses the company will pay. If your company has a written moving policy, ask for a copy.