Michigan Moving Companies

Do you need a moving company located in Michigan? Well you’ve come to the right place. We can put you in touch with Local and Long Distance movers in Michigan. You can also read below for some interesting tidbits about Michigan

The Wolverine State lays several claims to fame. Surrounded by four of the Great Lakes – Huron, Michigan, Erie and Superior – the state has 3,000 miles of shoreline, the most of any state. American-made cars and trucks still roll off the assembly lines including 2.3 million of them in 2014. Detroit, the largest city, possesses a sports team for each of the four most popular sports; Detroit Tigers baseball, Detroit Lions football, Detroit Pistons basketball and Detroit Redwings hockey.

Fans of the arts can view one of the best collections of art and antiques in North America at the Detroit Institute of the Arts. They also flock to the Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids and the Wharton Center for the Performing Arts in Lansing, the state capitol.

Michigan has one national park, Isle Royale, the least visited of all the national parks. That could be because you can only reach the island by boat or seaplane. Considered an archipelago, Isle Royale features hiking and backpacking plus kayaking, canoeing and scuba diving in Lake Superior.

Those Great Lakes, although beautiful and prime places for water recreation, also spread their condensation contributing to a higher number of cloudy days in Michigan than in most states. Some of those clouds also open up and dispense the 32 inches of average rainfall the state gets every year. The southern part of the lower peninsula features the warmest days for an average high of 72 degrees in Detroit during July and the lows plummet to 23 degrees in January. Temperatures to the north range from 40 degrees in January and 64 degrees in July around Sault Ste. Marie. This city led the nation in snowfall last year reporting 157 inches, but that figure was more than 40 inches above their average. Detroit normally gets a mere 39 inches of the white stuff each year.

The Wolverine State doesn’t cringe when the snow starts like some states do and the work always goes on. The five largest privately held companies include Meijer Inc. (supercenters and grocery stores), Alticor (Amway), Gordon Food Service Inc. (food service distributor), Dow Corning Corp. (silicon-based materials and technology) and the Auto-Owners Insurance Co. Michiganders also work in auto manufacturing, farming, timber and fishing.

If you’re not making ends meet with your current job, Michigan pays 10 cents for every can recycled, the highest rate in the country.