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The city of Pocatello spans from Bannock County to the Fort Hall Indian Reservation in Power County, with the majority of its area lying in the former. The 2010 census stated that about 1,683.8 people resided per square mile. As of July 1, 2014 the population was 54,292, showing just a 0.1% rise over the last three years. It may be small but it is definitely power packed. It made the Forbes list for “Best Small Place for Business” in the country for its 6th straight year. In a recent Glassdoor Research study, the city was also named as one of the top places for economic recovery since the 2008 Recession. Cutting-edge infrastructure has attracted many technology companies to set up base here. Traditional employers like the ON Semiconductor and Idaho State University continue to offer steady employment as well.

Also called the “Gateway to the Northwest,” Pocatello has a long history of travelers passing through here. Ever since its inception in 1889, it has opened its doors to all sorts of travelers, even the mountain men traveling the Oregon Trail. For the last two centuries it has established a reputation for warm hospitality, a reputation that it maintains to this day. Stage and freight lines soon gave way to the railroads making it an important trade and transportation hub. With excellent air, rail, and ground transportation, Pocatello offers the same multi-dimensional facilities to its visitors and residents today. It ranks as one of the best small places to raise a family as well as a great place to retire. These facts along with a low cost of living ($131,900 is the average home cost) make this city a very attractive proposition indeed.

For visitors, the busy little place holds ample charm. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains on three sides and the Portneuf River Greenway running through the middle of the city, it is as picturesque as it is entertaining. The entertainment is not limited to nature and wildlife either. This beautiful small city offers numerous museums, theaters, restaurants and shopping centers for tourists to enjoy along with the unspoiled wilderness in and around it. From outdoor adventures in the summer to snow covered sports in the winter, there is much to see and do in Pocatello all year long.

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Auto Transport 123
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Air 7 Seas Transport Logistic, Inc.
Milpitas, CA
FMC# 2724NF

FMC# 2724NF
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