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Called the City of Trees, Boise is filled with beautiful natural scenery. The snow-capped Rocky Mountains and the scenic Boise River Valley offer some of the most beautiful places to commune with nature. Boise, the capital of Idaho, has a population of 216,282 as per the 2014 census. It has seen a 4.9% increase since 2010 which makes it the most populous city in the state. Hiking in the woods, fishing, and various water related sports on the river happen year round while skiing is featured as a main attraction during the long winter months.

Downtown Boise is a major business hub and is also the cultural center of the state with its many famous museums. Chief among these are the Idaho History Museum, the Boise Art Museum, and the interactive Discovery Museum of Idaho. Old Boise offers many interesting attractions like the Basque Block which includes the Basque Museum and Cultural Center, offering colorful insight into the city’s intrinsic Basque heritage. It also houses the Old Idaho Penitentiary which is a unique place of visit.

The variety of shops in Boise here offer quaint to eclectic goods while the growing options in local eateries attract visitors from nearby cities frequently. These, along with the sidewalk cafes on 8th Street and numerous bars offer an exciting nightlife as well.

Boise has an excellent high school graduation rate of 93.8%, higher than the national average of 86.0%. It is home to many excellent schools and colleges, including the Boise State University, the Concordia University School of Law and the satellite campuses of the University of Idaho and Idaho State University among others. A healthy and growing economy offers residents a comfortable household income of $48,524, which along with the above factors, make it a desirable place to live.

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Auto Transport 123
Rockville Centre, NY
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Air 7 Seas Transport Logistic, Inc.
Milpitas, CA
FMC# 2724NF

FMC# 2724NF
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