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Posted by: Dennis - 11/19/2008
Subject: Intentional Over Estimation of Weight leads to needless Higher Costs
Quote ID :W468576
Move Origin :Portland, OR
Move Destination :Philadelphia, PA
Initial Estimate :$1,497.00
Final Cost :$2,797.00
Authorized Movers scammed me out of $1,200 by intentionally over estimating my shipping weight and continued to raise my estimated weight, even though I insisted that it was much too high. My original estimate was for 2,000 lbs and they sent me the final estimate for 4,000 lbs. They repeatedly assured me that more or less I would get credited back $0.69 per lb no matter what. This was an intentional misrepresentation of the facts. Contained in the actual movers paperwork was some kind of 10% space allotment which as explained by the driver, was for "warehouse" space. He also explained that this is an "industry standard" and all moving companies have this clause in their docs. What I didn't realize was it was really an agreement that my estimated shipping weight is within 10% of the 4,000 lbs quoted. Therefore they only credited me $200 and my total bill went from $1,497 to $2,700!!!!!!!!
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