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Posted by: sylvia - 02/12/2008

This company blatantly stole money from me and refuses to pay me back without going to small claims court. The "professional movers" were nothing more than 2 guys in sandals who spoke no English. they did not stick to any part of their contract (I was charged more than what the contract stated, they were not there when they said they would be, contract told me I would have 3 moving men at $110 per hour, but I only had 2 moving men and was charged $140 per hour) and refuse to reimburse me for the breaches of contract. A priceless family heirloom was destroyed by the movers after they were repeatedly warned about how fragile the box it was housed in was. they took no precautions to protect was found with 5 big boxes piled on top of it...I am not being reimbursed for it. they are affiliated with moving star California llc (do not hire this company either!) I spoke to several employees and they all promised to help me...but when I called back to get further assistance they would not take my calls...this was the worst company I have ever dealt with...PLEASE DON'T HIRE THEM EVER!!! And please tell anyone who will listen that this business is a joke!!

I was quoted much less than what I ended up cost of the move was $2230...the move was from Sonora TX to Edinburg TX...approximately 404 miles.

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