Newly Reviewed Moving Companies - October 2008

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123Movers has decided to discontinue the Moving Company review section of the site. We will no longer allow users the ability to assess moving company reviews. Past reviews on our site will still be available at your convenience. In addition to filling out our online quote form, 123Movers will provide you with a list of movers who qualify to perform your move based on the information provided. With the list of movers provided, we suggest using other sites like Yelp or Google to look up moving company reviews. Best of luck with your move!
Review  -  Suncoast Auto Transport Inc.
I would highly recommend Suncoast Auto Transport to everyone. This is the first time I needed to use this type of service and Suncoast performed above and beyond my expectations. They called me with the quote, they were able to pick up the same day and the jeep was delivered exactly when they said ...

JYS Movers gave us a quote for $1100.00 to move my belongings from New York to Florida. With 6 weeks to plan the move they sent another company named Ninio Services out of New Jersey, who showed up 2 days late and picked up my belongings 2 months later. The Federal Department of Transportation ...

Jason and Rene did an excellent job of moving my furniture  -  R1 Moving & Storage (aka Ram)
To whom it may concern, Jason and Rene did an excellent job of moving my furniture and stuff from Marcara Gardens apartment to Life's Garden apartment in Sunnyvale today. Sincerely, KC Wang

I didn't know a mover could be so good  -  Action Moving Services
I’ve always moved my things myself because I never moved that far but this time for my move from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Des Moines, Iowa, I was certainly going to need some help. I was happy I was able to find Action Moving Services. They did a nice job with my things. All my possessions ...

I got quality with Whit Way  -  Whit Way Moving & Storage - NC
Whit Way Moving and Storage did a terrific job helping me move from Fayetteville, North Carolina to Columbia, South Carolina. They did take some time but it was all worth it in the end, my belongings were prepped perfecting for a move such as mine, crossing state lines. I was really surprised as ...

They are professional, thorough, and friendly  -  Crown Royal Moving
Royal are really lovely movers. They are professional, thorough, and friendly. Every email and phone call was responded to immediately and thoroughly. Even though I packed more than I had estimated, it was no problem. The shipment arrived right on time and the drivers called in advance. Thank you ...

AQMS has successfully moved many of our valued clients  -  Affordable Quality Moving & Storage
AQMS has successfully moved many of our valued clients. We feel any referral from us is an extension of our business model and we feel confident in referring Casey and AQMS as we know our clients will receive exemplary customer service at competitive fees.

Good job Move Masters!  -  Move Masters
I only had a few boxes to move but Move Masters made me feel like I was getting a premium service regardless of the quantity I needed moved. The movers did a nice job with my things, transporting them from Fort Worth to Arlington, Texas. I will certainly remember Move Masters when it comes time ...

Benny's really made things easy  -  Benny's Moving & Storage
I actually had a very good time during my move with Benny’s Moving and Storage. The movers were really pleasant and did an excellent job on my move from Boston, Massachusetts to Hartford, Connecticut. I had no problem providing these gentlemen lunch and drinks. They deserved it. I’ve dealt ...

I was very impressed with your company  -  Cousins USA moving & Storage
I just wanted to drop you a little note to say, “Thank You”. I was very impressed with your company and the high level of professionalism I encountered. I was told one price and at the end paid that. You hear horror stories sometimes about moving companies so I was delighted when I found one as ...

I was pleased with Ben Hur  -  Ben Hur Moving & Storage
I was happy that I was able to move from Brooklyn to Astoria, Queens in the same day. I’ve moved before and somehow the movers always seem to meet a bump in the road but I didn’t have that problem with Ben Hur Moving and Storage. The guys stuck to their estimate as well as the amount of time ...

All My Sons stands by their history  -  All My Sons Moving & Storage of Indianapolis
I used All My Sons for my move from Indianapolis, Indiana to Columbus, Ohio. I’ve heard of them before which is one of the biggest reasons I decided to use them for my move. They seemed to have a credible history and stood out against other moving companies and in the end it all rung true. The ...

Elgee Movers  -  Elgee Movers
I spoke with Larry at Elgee Movers to move my mother from a 2nd floor apt to a first floor apt - I live in Rhode Island and needed someone safe and trustworthy to move her belongings. Elgee showed up on time with 3 movers as quoted and worked very hard all day - The movers were very nice my ...

American Van Lines moved my piano  -  American Van Lines
I decided to use American Van Lines to help ensure that my piano would be moved safely from Miami, Florida to Birmingham, Alabama. Their reps did a nice job of convincing me that their piano movers were the best for the job. Luckily they were right and my grand piano didn’t have a scratch on ...

Thanks for your time gentlemen  -  American Moving and Storage of Ohio
I was happy that I was able to move from New Albany to Columbus, Ohio in the same day. It was my first time moving and I was excited I didn’t have to wait long and was able to have my new home up and running the next day because American Moving and Storage was able to work so ...

The best movers i have ever used.  -  Black Jack Moving and Storage
I didn’t even have to be there! All the arrangements were made over the phone and then they went to my house and moved everything to my highest standards. This company is out there to help the little man, they are honest and an extremely trust worth company. They go out of there way to help ...

48 States was an all around pleasant experience  -  48 States Moving and Storage Inc.
I was actually getting angry while I was researching moving companies, I didn’t know who to pick or who was telling the truth. I used 48 States Moving and Storage for my move from Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Luckily the move went well. The movers worked hard and the moving ...

Much appreciated guys  -  America's Best Moving Company
I don’t know about them being ‘America’s Best Moving Company’ but ABMC did a very nice job with my move from Dublin to Columbus, Ohio. The movers came on time and were very respectful to my things as well as dealing with my 90-year-old grandmother. You guys could have easily raised the price ...

Moving from Denver to Vail  -  Rocky Mnt Moving Solutions
To Whom it may Concern, We are writing this letter in response to the outstanding moving experience that we had with Robert and his co-workers at Rocky Mountain Moving Solutions. We are both professionals who were moving from Denver to Vail after we finished graduate school. We moved several times ...

thanks to Dalton at OSI  -  Ocean Star International Inc.
Well folks, I must say the following: 1. communication was always open, both w/ OSI and its counterpart in the UK; 2. my questions were always answered (and I am VERY inquisitive!!); 3. all the people I dealt with were very courteous; 4. There were no additional exuberant charges. There was the ...

Marrins has got some hard workers  -  Marrins' Moving Systems, Ltd.
Marrins’ Moving Systems gave me the best moving services that I’ve received in a while, being a man who travels a lot; I’ve dealt with a lot of movers. The guys who came to my home in New York, New York were able to disassemble all my furniture without causing any damage to it. I was very ...

Thanks for the help All My Sons  -  All My Sons Moving And Storage of Birmingham
I never knew how much actually went into moving before my move from Birmingham, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia. It was my first time and I had no clue there were different kinds of boxes for wardrobe and other things. All My Sons were very helpful in helping me overcome my ignorance. I will ...

Great moving service by Americarrier  -  Americarrier Van Lines
The services that Americarrier Van Lines provided me were really great. They protected my new home from dents and scratches that normally occur during a move. I was really happy to see them provide me with all these accommodations. My move from Los Angeles, California to Las Vegas, Nevada ...

Specialized Transport did things right  -  Specialized Transport Services
I knew Specialized Transport Services was the right moving company for me when they came to my home in Stanford, California to provide me with an estimate. They followed all the right procedures that I knew reputable mover would do so I used them for my move from Stanford to San Francisco, ...

I had a nice pleasant move with Carey  -  Carey Moving & Storage, Inc.
I enjoyed my move with Carey Moving and Storage very much so; the movers pulled out all the stops for my move from Charlotte, North Carolina to Columbia, South Carolina. I felt comfortable with the way my belongings were prepared reducing all the damage potential. I will definitely recommend you ...

Unprofessional and Unethical, Not trust-worth  -  Expediant Van Lines
I recently completed a moved approximately 20 days ago. When the movers arrived, they asked for a tip, in addition to the estimate given. Additionally, the original amount had almost doubled (from estimate to actual cost of the move). To finally top this all off, my 52" HDTV LCD was missing ...

Nice job GT Moving  -  GT Moving Inc.
I had a number of moving companies to choose from thanks to the services by 123 Movers, and I decided to go with GTC Trucking as my selection. I didn’t have many requirements but GTC made me feel comfortable about putting my possessions in their care. They did a nice job moving my things from ...

MTF are quality movers  -  MTF Relocation Inc
After dealing with MTF Relocations for my move from San Francisco, California to Phoenix, Arizona, I’m happy to say that they’re quality movers. They did a very good, patient job of dealing with my belongings. I could tell as I watched them work that they were cognizant of all my sensitive ...

Blessed to have a crew like the one I had  -  Eight Ball Movers
The move was the best experience I've ever had and would use the time and time again. The supervisor was on top of everything and made the move seem easier than I thought. His teammate was as good as he was. If you read this take my word Eight Ball Movers LLC was GREAT!!!

Things couldn’t have gone better  -  Crum Van Lines
Just wanted to thank you for the ease of our move. Things couldn’t have gone better. I would use Crum Van Lines in the future and tell my friends.

What a great crew  -  Apex Movers
What a great crew. Both of them were excellent and hard-working men.

From Denver to Topeka with Atlantic  -  Atlantic Relocation Systems
I just wanted to come on here and thank you guys from Atlantic Relocation Systems for my move from Denver, Colorado to Topeka, Kansas. Not only were the movers punctual, showing up on time, they did a nice job packing my things for the long distance move. I was worried some of my old pieces of ...

Thanks for the ride  -  WPR Hawaii Inc
WPR Hawaii was a life saver; I didn’t think I was going to have any luck finding a long distance mover in Honolulu, Hawaii but some how it happened. They were able to move me to Miami, Florida the day before I was supposed to start my new job. Hawaii is a paradise but moving out of there can ...

I was impressed with All My Sons  -  All My Sons Moving And Storage Of Oklahoma City
I used All My Sons for my move from Saint Louis to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It was nice change of pace in dealing with a mover who actually wasn’t rushing to get done with me. The movers were very nice and made sure I was happy with all the packing decisions to be made. They also took into ...

Graebel was terrific for my move  -  Graebel Oregon Movers, Inc.
I had to cross state lines for my move, which I was a little worried about. I never had to do a long distance move, all my moves were local. I used Graebel Oregon Movers and they did a very good job on my things. The movers had a great sense of humor and didn’t have a hard time handling my ...

Efficient movers at all my sons  -  All My Sons Moving And Storage Of Portland
I’ve heard a lot about All My Sons and the quality that they provide all their customers so I thought I would give them a shot for my local move from Oregon City to Portland, Oregon. The movers did live up to the hype. They came on time and had enough boxes and packing supplies for my four ...

stellar services guys  -  Ace Movers
Ace Movers did a great job helping me with my piano. I have no idea how, but they were able to move my piano from Greensboro to Charlotte, North Carolina without hurting my baby. I searched long and hard for some quality piano movers and luckily these guys paid off as my final choice. Hopefully ...

Out of business?  -  Direct Moving and Storage
I have been trying to get Direct Moving to compensate me for my broken antique dining table, broken baby grand piano and two (of 6) missing slip-covered dining chairs since April, to no avail. I was first made to deal with their "mediator", some guy who runs a company (or front) out of ...

Thanks Austin's Mover  -  Austin's Mover Tex Inc
I wasn’t doing a big move, just a routine local move from San Marcos to Austin, Texas. After endless conversations and constant minutiae about their moving companies, I settled on Austin’s Mover Tex.. The guys did a great job. They had a really good attitude and did a nice job protecting all my ...

Finally got a moving company that did their job  -  Arsenal Van Lines, Inc.
I’m happy to say that my move from Nashville, Tennessee to Louisville, Kentucky went pretty well. Not only did the movers come ready, willing, and able, but they were actually able to save me some money. It was nice to save those few extra bucks but there was only thing I wanted done and that ...

Whatever you do, do NOT use this company! I could go on and on - on the pick-up day they tried to charge me three times the original quote event though I had given away half of my furniture in the packing process. They stored my belongings for three months, and when I scheduled delivery they were ...

1st move that i was relaxed  -  Just 4U Services, Inc.
Just 4U Services did a very good job on my move from Amarillo, Texas to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was literally getting headaches just thinking about my moving day and all the problems I might have, but it went well. The movers from Just 4U kept constant communication with me while I waited for ...

Way to step up guys  -  Vanlines of America Inc.
I had to get a quote for my job immediately for my move from Miami, Florida to Montgomery, Alabama and Vanlines of America responded. They did more than just respond to my urgency, they responded to the dreadful task of boxing all my things up as well. I’m not the most organized person, but the ...

I highly recommend Adept Moving Company  -  Adept Moving and Storage
Henry, we hired your company for the second time in an 8 months period. As with the first exposure to your company, this second time exceeded my expectations even more. Every one of your employees whom I have met has the same high level of professionalism and courtesy that you do. As a business ...

Durable bunch of guys at Legacy  -  Legacy Van Lines, Inc.
I’ve moved about 4 or 5 different times in my life and had different movers each time. After using Legacy Van Lines for my move from San Diego, California to Las Vegas, Nevada, I do not want to use another moving company again. They did an awesome job. The guys came well equipped and worked a ...

Minorcan was very considerate  -  Minorcan Moving & Storage, Inc.
Minorcan Moving and Storage did a great job helping me with some of my older pieces of furniture. They were very delicate and did a great handling them. I thought they would come back a little more fragile than when I left them but nevertheless, coming from Jacksonville, Florida to Atlanta, ...

Custom Choice was a good choice for me  -  Custom Choice Moving
The best part about my move with Custom Choice Moving was the cleaning that I got from them. I didn’t have to worry about how my old home in Glendale, Arizona would look after everything was packed up or any mess the movers would make in my new home in Phoenix, Arizona. Thanks guys for not only ...

I had a pleasant experience with Texas Moving Services  -  Texas Moving Services
I was happy to be moving back home to New Orleans, Louisiana after the whole sad turn of events that occurred there. I was still a nervous wreck when I was getting ready to do my move out of Houston, Texas and was worried about dealing with the right mover. I used the services of Texas Moving ...

AAFS Movers worked fast  -  AAFS Movers
There was a heavy rainstorm coming in and the movers from AAFS still wanted to come and do the move. They said they would be able to get the move done in time, I took there word and behold the move did get done. The guys were able to move me out of Boca Raton just in time to beat the storm and ...

Moving Center gave me a big break  -  Moving Center
I was trying to get fresh start in these troubled times of our country, got myself a new job and had to move from Redondo Beach to Los Angeles, California. I thought I had picked the right moving company at first but they turned out to be unreliable, I then had the fortunate opportunity to deal ...

Gouffon Moving didn't goof around  -  Gouffon Moving and Storage
I used Gouffon Moving and Storage to help me move from Knoxville, Tennessee to Atlanta, Georgia because of how structured they sounded and appeared to me. Turns out the guys from Gouffon were a very organized team. They were well dressed and with the right tools for the job. Most moving ...

Nightmare movers  -  R1 Moving and Storage
August 18, 08, I searched the internet to help me find a moving company. We had to move short notice to Arizona from California. When I contacted this company, they told me "WE WILL GUARANTY TO TAKE ALL THE STRESS OF MOVING AWAY" It was exactly what we wanted to hear. I found All United, ...

Stay away from this company!  -  Action Movers
We hired Action Movers for an in-town move in May 2008. The movers damaged the dining table and refrigerator door (dents and scratches). The owner, Kenny Leon, was notified immediately of the damages. It's now October and Action Movers hasn't fixed or replaced the refrigerator door. We've been ...

Smoldt was splendid  -  Smoldt Moving & Storage
Any pianist knows how hard it is to put something you possess so much passion and care for into someone else’s hands. Unfortunately I had to face this emotionally daunting task because I just moved and needed to have my piano moved from Columbus, Nebraska to Denver, Colorado. I used Smoldt ...

rip off company  -  Across America Moving & Storage
This company told me that the quote they gave me was a binding quote. It ended up that they just picked a number out the air when they came to pick up our stuff. They charged me $5,500 for packing that they never did and they wrecked my husband’s motorcycle. They are refusing to answer any phone ...

They didn't take any short-cuts with me....  -  All Budget Moving & Storage
All Budget Moving and Storage came to my home in Harvard, Massachusetts and provided me with the best moving quote than all the other movers that I spoke with, so I decided to use them. My moving day came and the guys did a great job. It took a little longer than expected but I got my things in ...

Advanced Moving is definitely ahead of their time  -  Advanced Moving & Storage Inc.
I knew moving wasn’t going to be easy for me so I planned about 12 weeks ahead of time. I researched for endless hours and came to Advanced Moving and Storage as being the right mover for me. I’m happily to inform those in need of moving that Advanced provided me with a quality move. The guys ...

from Burnt Hills to Albany with the Neighborhood  -  Neighborhood Movers
The guys from Neighborhood Movers did my move from Burnt Hills to Albany, New York and they did a good job at keeping their composure even though we were hitting the late night hours. I needed to get the move done no matter what it took and the guys came through for me. I greatly appreciate the ...

Poor Customer Service  -  Royal Moving & Storage
Final cost was nearly three times the estimate. Company refused to provide satisfactory customer service. Company refused to accept credit card payment as previously agreed. Company lies about attempting to run the credit card. Moving crew damaged furniture and other property by handling it ...

I lucked out with Truckin  -  Trucking Movers Corp
Truckin Movers provided me the best estimate out of all the movers that I spoke with so I decided to go with them for my move from Cameron, North Carolina to Nashville, Tennessee. That saying, “you get what you pay for,” wasn’t true in this case, thank god. My move went really well. I didn’t ...

Easy does it with Nor-Cal  -  Nor-Cal Moving Services
I couldn’t be any more satisfied with the move I had with Nor-Cal Moving Services. The guys showed up on time, which was a nice change from the movers that I’ve dealt with in the past. My move from San Francisco, California to Las Vegas, Nevada went smoothly. I didn’t have to leave anything ...

Good Customer Service  -  USA Express Moving & Storage
I used this company a couple of weeks ago and I was very happy with the customer service the company provided me. The initial contact with the salesperson was good and the actual moving men were great. I was expecting the worse but they were very attentive and they knew what they were doing. I ...

a move well done  -  All My Sons Moving And Storage Of Connecticut
All My Sons was very professional throughout my move from New Haven to Greenwich, Connecticut. The guys showed up on time and were very nice. I’m an elder statesman so I couldn’t help at all even though I wanted to. Thank you All My Sons for being very patient with me even though I felt I had ...

Oz hit on the head  -  Oz Moving & Storage California Inc
I decided to go with Oz Moving and Storage for my move from Los Angeles, California to Phoenix, Arizona because of what they told me. What they told me was how pretty much all of their clientele ends up using them again for another move. That means that the guys are good, and I can now speak on ...

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