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Newly Reviewed Moving Companies - August 2008

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123Movers has decided to discontinue the Moving Company review section of the site. We will no longer allow users the ability to assess moving company reviews. Past reviews on our site will still be available at your convenience. In addition to filling out our online quote form, 123Movers will provide you with a list of movers who qualify to perform your move based on the information provided. With the list of movers provided, we suggest using other sites like Yelp or Google to look up moving company reviews. Best of luck with your move!
Unsatisfactory Moving Experience  -  Dawn Moving Company
My experience with Dawn Moving Company was horrible. Anna, the woman I spoke with on the phone and who handled the quote and contract processing, was very professional and thorough. However, the people who actually moved me were awful. There were a number of things that went wrong, including ...

WORST MOVERS!!!!  -  Authorized Movers
These people are liars and as professional as a sack of potatoes. I left message after message after my pick up time came and went and they never even returned my call. They were more than happy to charge my card though which was supposed to happen 24-48 hours before pickup. They didn't pick up ...

Great Moving Experience  -  Faithful Movers Van Lines
Faithful Movers were the subcontractor my moving company used. They were absolutely wonderful, always kept me informed, even if they were running behind and worked til one in the morning moving my things out of my house. They were friendly,dependable and all my things arrived in perfect shape. Due ...

Penthouse cleaned house quick and easy  -  Penthouse Movers
I was contacted by Penthouse Movers and I was so thrown off just by the name alone before I knew it I was on the phone with them for quite sometime and they really sounded like a good mover to me. It seemed like a risky situation, but I used their moving services for my move from Boulder to ...

After using Zen, I'd use them again  -  Zen Van Lines
I was a little suspicious of a moving company named Zen Van Lines, but they had a good estimate so I decided to use them. I guess that old saying; never judge a book by its cover is true. Zen Van Lines was actually a great help. My move from Atlanta, Georgia to Miami, Florida was really easy. ...

Chipman saved me a lot of problems  -  Chipman Relocations
Moving is never easy and I thought using a moving company wouldn’t make anything else easier in the process. I couldn’t move all my things by myself; it’ll take about a week, but Chipman relocations actually took some of the stress off. The movers came to home in Brentwood, California told me ...

Abracadabra Movers didn't play any tricks on me  -  Abracadabra Movers
I used Abracadabra Movers to help me with my hot tub. I didn’t know how much it would cost, and I thought it was going to be pricey. After a few quotes I got from moving companies, I was right, moving a hot tub is expensive. Abracadabra Movers contacted me and after speaking with them and ...

Thank you Triangle  -  Triangle Movers, Inc.
I don’t think Triangle Movers is the right name for this company; they should have been called full-circle movers because they did just about everything imaginable for my move from Florida (NY) to Denver, New York. They came in well prepared with all the proper equipment for my house. My move ...

Varsity broke down my things easily  -  Varsity Movers
I used Varsity Movers for my move from Georgetown to Belmont, Louisiana and it got pretty messy. The movers worked really hard and effectively and I had a lot of stuff. My four bedrooms weren’t broken down, nothing, but the guys took care of business like it was a Lego set. I couldn’t thank ...

my jersey move was fun  -  A 2 Z Moving, Inc.
The movers from A 2 Z Moving not only helped me disassemble all my furniture and other appliances but when it came to unload my furniture in my home at East Rutherford, New Jersey from Hackensack, the guys helped me put all my things back together. It was actually a nice experience; I got to them ...

Huntsville has some good workers  -  Huntsville Moving, Inc.
The movers came to my home and were well informed. I was happy to see a moving company that took instruction and direction very well. I thought my trip from Hockley to Livingston, Texas was going to be wretched but it actually wasn’t. My things were taken care of and I didn’t have to reach too ...

Highly Recommend Avalon  -  Avalon Moving Systems
We used Avalon this past weekend to move from Gilbert to Phoenix. Let me first say that it was money WELL SPENT! I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with my entire experience. The typical "horror stories" about moving companies seems all too common these days but Avalon proved it ...

Baillie Moving Systems move  -  Baillie Moving Systems, Ltd
I used the services of Baillie Moving Systems for my move from Aurora, Illinois to Minneapolis, Minnesota. The movers were professional and well-mannered. What I enjoyed most about the guys from Baillie was their teamwork. They maintained communication with each other and of course more ...

Blue Sky Movers was on the money  -  Blue Sky Movers
I was in the hunt for some quality piano movers and my search led me to Blue Sky Movers. These guys were polite and probably the most helpful movers I’ve had the fortune of dealing with in my life. My move from Irving to Dallas, Texas went off without a bump in the road. Outside of their ...

A Van Lines, alias AAA Van Lines, Criminal gang  -  AAA Van Lines
This is a criminal gang, with many aliases and locations. Owners are Nik/Nicolas Paz and wife Rebecca. After a 'complete' quote of $850 and a 'backup' bank card authorization from me, they picked up and the extortion began. Yesterday they got $450 cash from me, and then used the authorization ...

Terrorists Hiding behind Moving Company  -  Star Van Lines
These people need to be looked at. My estimate was done by AL (the owner) personally. They were to deliver to Michigan from California on May 1st. I had written the date on my receipt on day of pick up. Then followed up 2 weeks prior via phone & email with Lisa...who after my delivery ...

NY VIP is a good mover, i was happy  -  Schneider Van Line - NY VIP Relocations
I just finished college and wasn’t sure how to go about moving back home, but thanks to my mom it was a little more clear. I did my research and found NY VIP Relocations. I looked them up and they were a reputable mover. I was definitely satisfied with my long distance move from White Plains, ...

Experience counts, Hawk showed that to me  -  Hawk Movers
I felt comfortable using Hawk Movers for my move from Fort Worth to Arlington, Texas. I say that because they told me about their history and how they’ve been in business for so long. I put my things in their hands and paid the consequences, the good consequences. They worked hard and took ...

All My Sons saved me a load of hassle  -  All My Sons Moving & Storage of Salt Lake City
I’ve heard about All My Sons before, the word has got around that they are a solid moving company. I wanted to see for myself and since I only heard good things about their service, I decided to use them. Needless to say they lived up to the hype. The movers were quick and helped out a ...

McLaughlin helped me out a great deal  -  McLaughlin Transportation
The McLaughin Transportation had my attention from the moment they were able to come to my home and provide me an estimate first-hand. I decided to use their services and was satisfied with their assistance for my move from Barrington to Andover, New Hampshire. For local movers, they really ...

Stolen items  -  Elephant Van Lines
They actually took my lap top and personal items as well, so be carefule with using this company.. after reading your comments below, this seems to be a pattern. They did however reiumburse me the $271.00 dollars for the extra supplies after I called the police for my missing items and ...

Reliable Man Movers were efficient  -  Reliable Man Movers & Storage
Reliable Man Movers and Storage were kind enough to help me move on a Sunday. Working on a Sunday would irritate me but they seemed at peace about it and were very professional. The movers helped me relocate from Tecate to San Diego, California. I appreciated the fast service. They responded ...

My new home was set up in no time  -  Crescent City Moving & Storage
Moving day came and went and my things came and went from my now old home in Empire, Louisiana to my new home in New Orleans, Louisiana. The transition was very quick and I owe it all to the movers of Crescent City Moving and Storage. The guys were very good and knew what they doing. The ...

CMTR gave me a good move....  -  CMTR Moving Services
CMTR Moving Services just seemed so accommodating, there was no way I was going to pass up the chance to have them move me from Charlotte, North Carolina to Norfolk, Virginia. After reading up on the company and what they’re doing to try and help environment, I knew their heart was in the right ...

All My Sons protected all my things  -  All My Sons Moving And Storage of Corpus Christi
I was pleased with the services that All My Sons provided me. I have an extensive DVD/CD collection, and they were able to supply me with the appropriate boxes for me to carefully box them up. I didn’t have to worry about my cases being damaged for my long distance move from Corpus Christi, ...

Belongs left behind  -  JYS Movers Inc.
From Atlanta GA 6/23/08 to New York, NY 6/30/08 First impression: Good impression. Courteous rep Pamela 1-866-752-7155. Set up the pickup and delivery according to my request. Before the move: Everything was looking fine. The truck driver Tom gave a call on 6/20/08 confirming the pickup ...

Professional Moving was a trip!  -  Professional Moving & Storage
I was very thrilled after my move took place. The movers were fast and cracked jokes with me while they were doing a good job. It was actually a good time, it definitely wasn’t what I was expected for my first move. Professional Moving and Storage made my move from Jetersville to Irvington, ...

Olympian put a smile on my face  -  Olympian Moving Systems
I had the pleasure of using the services of Olympian Moving Systems. I needed to have some antiques of mine moved from Cocoa Beach to Orlando, Florida. The gentlemen that arrived to my home were very kind. They were very patient as well. At my age, I can be a little overwhelming to handle. I ...

Great Moving Experience  -  Dumbo Moving and Storage
Thanks to Dumbo Moving, I had a stress free, smooth and affordable move to my new home. It went off without a hitch (and I have a lot of furniture, cats, and moved to a 4th floor walkup!). Dumbo completed the job without a scratch and in great time. Thanks!

From Baltimore to Columbus with Prestige  -  Prestige Van Lines
Moving day came for me and I was anxiously awaiting Prestige Van Lines to come to my home in Baltimore, Maryland, I got a call and it was them. They were calling me to let me know that they would be 15 minutes late, other then that, the move went really well. The guys were very professional. ...

AALL Promovers was a nice surprise  -  AALL Promovers
I needed to move my piano from Denver, Colorado to Topeka, Kansas and I was a little hesitant to use AALL Promovers because I didn’t know if they’d be good piano movers. They seemed just like a run-of-the-mill moving company. I gave them a shot though, and they did a very nice job. They arrived ...

Cheats and unprofessional  -  Safari Moving and Storage
These people should not be allowed to victimize unsuspecting families with their beguiling sweet talk and low ball quotes. They deliberately trap you with a low quote and then sock it to you with rude service on the day of the move when you are helpless. Their supervisor is asked to ...

Give SBP a shot, they worked for me  -  SBP Van Lines
I was running out of time to move and my busy schedule didn’t allow me to do much research on good long distance movers in California so I ended up just having to go with the first one that called me. I was really nervous because I could have easily been taken advantage of, but I used the moving ...

Things went nice and easy with Akamai  -  Akamai Movers
On an island like Hawaii resources can be limited and I was hoping the resources for Akamai Movers wouldn’t be limited. To my surprise they were a moving company that was well equipped for my move from Kapolei to Honolulu, Hawaii. I had some big items like my couch and they were able to fully ...

Reference Job Number 1150394 - E-Z Movers  -  E-Z Movers
My wife and I would like to thank your workers on a great job in moving our heavy furniture from our apartment to our new house. They were early to start and when they got in the apartment it was right to work. They packed everything professionally so that none of our furniture was damaged in ...

my local move went very well  -  Friends and Family Moving and Storage
Friends and Family Moving and Storage was the company I decided to use on my moving day to assist me from Pacific to Tacoma, Washington. I wasn’t disappointed with my move at all, aside from like a dented piece of furniture; the move came out pretty well. The movers worked hard and most ...

I got movers with a smile  -  Secure Movers
I was glad that I used Secure Movers for my move from Crystal Beach to Saint Petersburg, Florida. It was a nice experience; I felt a lot of warmth from the movers that came to my home. They were compassionate when it came to handling some of the older sentimental items I told them about. It was ...

Horrible Moving Experieince w/ Unified Movers  -  Unified Moving Services
Horrible experience. I was promised a professional, responsive moving crew who would break down items as necessary at the old location and reassemble them at the new location. Not only did that not happen, but the moving crew did not place items where indicated in the new location, spoke little ...

Clinton Moving cleaned up my mess fast  -  Clinton Moving and Packaging
I tried sorting my things for my moving day, which was rapidly approaching and I ended up just making an even bigger mess. I used Clinton Moving and Packaging, although it cost me a pretty penny, they were one moving company that didn’t shy away from this task at all. They not only cleaned up my ...

All My Sons did live up to the hype on my move  -  All My Sons Moving & Storage of Kent
My search for local movers ended up leading me towards All My Sons. I was moving from Mercer Island to Seattle, Washington. I’ve heard about their name, apparently All My Sons is big in the moving industry and after using them for my move I could honestly see why. They arrived to my house very ...

I would not recommend these movers ever!! - Crown Royal Moving  -  Crown Royal Moving
Even though I was guaranteed a 3-5 day delivery my items showed up 11 days later and that was only after threatening to have the credit card company not pay them. Some of my items were broken and the company is not returning my phone calls. They charged me for boxes that were used in ...

Company canceled a contract 1 month after taking deposit  -  VIP Auto Transportation
Re. Breach of contract by VIP Auto Transport 202 Atlantic Ave. New Hyde Pak, NY 11040 P. 888-554-9855 F. 516-747-7780 To Whom It May Concern: On June 15, 2008 I received a quote (Exhibit 1) for $599 from VIP Auto Transport to move a vehicle from Vernon, TX to Philadelphia, PA. The vehicle ...

Walters Transfer - Great Movers / No Mess / Fuss / Scratches  -  Walters Transfer
Walters was called on a Friday late afternoon after mayflower cancelled! Panic time! Client was ready to move on Sunday and had no where to call. We called Walters, they said no problem, showed up on time on Sunday, 2 great guys who knew what they were doing. 3 hours later we were moved! ...

Nationwide Express was a nice treat  -  Nationwide Express Inc
After much debate with my wife about which mover I should choose for us for our move from Anaheim, California to Phoenix, Arizona, we decided to go with Nationwide Express. It was pretty much, my wife’s selection, I was going to go in a different direction but I’m glad we didn’t. The movers came ...

Compass knew what to do  -  Compass Van Lines
Compass Van Lines had the opportunity to help me with my piano. I didn’t know what to expect to be honest with you; I never used a moving company before much less a piano mover. However, Compass Van Lines did a terrific job helping with my piano and moving it from Orlando, Florida to Atlanta, ...

Worst Experience Ever  -  Expediant Van Lines
This was, quite possibly, the worst experience in my life. I'm not just referring to moving, I'm referring to any experience, ever. These guys ended up charging about $1,000 more than estimated, even though I actually had less items by the time I moved than when it was quoted. They were ...

Great job!  -  Fischer Van Lines
Matt & Freddy did an outstanding job! Friendly, very hard working, loaded, delivered, & unloaded everything without any problems. Definitely will use them again. Great job guys!

Easiest move, ever! - Freedom Van Lines Moving Review  -  Freedom Van Lines
For the first time, I got to take a deep breath and enjoy the fact that we just bought a beautiful new home; rather than miss out on the moment because we were stressed about all the smaller details. I have paid movers before; with mixed results (as I'm sure is true across the board). ...

My move with Handy Help was a success  -  Handy Help Moving LLC
Leaving Lexington, North Carolina was a big deal to me, I lived there my whole life and I wanted to make sure that I would relocate in style. I researched for an extended period of time and came across Handy Help Moving. I felt they were the quality moving company that I was looking for. They ...

Abco Van Lines was a great help  -  Abco Van Lines Inc
I was in dire need of some piano movers to help with my grand piano from Georgetown to Dayton Beach, Florida. I got a call from Abco Van Lines after using the services of 123 Movers they gave me a reasonable quote that seemed liked they were worth the time and money. I used them and ...

I'm glad I chose Jet Transfer......  -  Jet Transfer, LLC.
I was so worried about getting ripped-off by all these big aggressive moving companies; I didn’t know who to use to help me with my move. I used Jet Transfer because I felt comfortable when I dealt with them over the phone and once they mentioned their 50 plus years of experience I felt they were ...

All My Sons helped me beat the heat with their service  -  All My Sons Moving of Tucson
I like what All My Sons did with my furniture and the way the took care of all my furniture with the padding techniques they used. They took their time and were very careful with my things, which I greatly appreciated. My move from Sierra Vista to Tucson, Arizona went rather quickly. The movers ...

Turning a situation around at The Moving Company  -  The Moving Company
I have to give credit where credit is due, in my case to the owner of the company. After so many setbacks it was refreshing to have the personal commitment and full attention of the owner. Not only has he been in direct and daily contact to keep me abreast of the latest development, he ...

Bolster gave me a boost of confidence in movers  -  Bolster/Crofter Moving And Storage
Bolster/Crofter Moving and Storage made a commitment to me to help me relocate from Springfield, Massachusetts to Hartford, Connecticut. They stuck to every promise and service the offered me. After using them for my move I have better understanding of how a business should be run. They didn’t ...

Atlantic Relocation does have a great system  -  Atlantic Relocation Systems
After speaking with several companies, some being start-ups, some being more experienced than others I decided to choose Atlantic Relocations Systems for my move from Houston, Texas to New Orleans, Louisiana. I used them because they told me about not only their experience, but their quote was ...

Flat Rate Movers worked great for me  -  Flat Rate Movers
I would be lying if I said that Flat Rate Movers’ name didn’t persuade me to give them more of my attention than other companies because it did. After speaking with their company, I was honestly won over by the way they presented themselves to me. The name did ring true after my relocation from ...

American Home Moving is helping me keep the dream alive!  -  American Home Moving
American Home Moving helped me get out of hot water because they did a great job helping me move my hot tub from Cleveland, Ohio to Detroit, Michigan. I didn’t want to sell it because it was so new and luckily I didn’t have to. American Home Moving exuded great experience and knowledge of moving ...

All My Sons, from Texas to Arizona, they worked hard  -  All My Sons Moving & Storage of San Antonio
All My Sons definitely pulled out all the stops for me and my move from San Antonio, Texas to Phoenix, Arizona. I didn’t even have that much to move but they still took their time and carefully prepared all my furniture to be loaded and protected, it was very nice to see. When it was all over I ...

I had a smooth ride with Rocky Top  -  Rocky Top Moving & Storage
I’m happy to say that my moving experience with Rocky Top Moving and Storage was a good experience. I had to move my stuff from Knoxville, Tennessee to Kansas City, Missouri. Rocky was courteous and professional throughout my time with them. I was always able to connect with them via phone and ...

Scam Movers..................  -  Scout Relocation Inc
I just moved to San Ramon yesterday from Hayward and had reserved a moving company to take my furniture and clothes etc from Hayward to San Ramon. I was quoted a price of $280 for 3 guys and a truck and any additional hrs it would be $70.00 per hr after that. I was told by a lady named ...

Bait and switch  -  Reliance Relocation
The above $ figure says it all. It's the old bait and switch. They gave me one written estimate then they packed and loaded everything, then gave me the real estimate which was more than twice the original estimate. They threatened that they can't deliver on time and don't know when they can ...

This is a rogue moving company. -- BLOG --  -  Air Ride Moving and Storage
This company committed every crime that a moving company could commit on a customer. They gave me a low ball estimate, only to have it increase by almost 400.00. They broke a few of my household goods and refused to handle my claims. They showed up in an unmarked van with a crew who spoke ...

Move For Less, Inc. of Linden NJ  -  Move For Less
I have used “Move For Less” Moving and Storage Company for my local move within New Jersey.  They were the best experience I have ever had with any mover.  I had recommended this moving company to all my friends and relatives.

Universe Express Moving was a breeze  -  Universe Express Moving
Universe Express surprised me a great deal. I was a little worried having my piano go from New York, New York to Miami, Florida, it seemed like it would travel to a different world. Somehow Universe Express was able to take care of it the whole way through. I moved my things myself and used ...

I was pleased with All My Sons  -  All My Sons Moving & Storage Of Greenville, Inc.
I was very impressed with the service from All My Sons. They came very prepared, which was nice to see. I’ve moved in the past and this move was a step up. They wrapped all my things nice and carefully, loaded it on their nice trucks and took my things from Buffalo, South Carolina to ...

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