About RMG

RMG Business Enterprises, Inc. is made up of some of the industries best employees. Each employee is required to have a minimum amount of training in the field of moving, and all employees are expected to train within our training course to ensure their knowledge.

RMG provides many services, moving and storage being our primary service. In addition to the moving and storage, which engulfs all personal homes, private sector companies and the federal government, RMG handles record storage and delivery, modular system installers, and rigging of any sized items, which other companies avoid. Mervin Gilliam wants this company to venture in many directions to prepare RMG for a brighter future.

Current Services

Moving (Household, Private Sector, Government) Storage (Household, Private Sector, Government) Rigging (Entertainment Center, Piano, Statues, Hot Tubs, etc.) Modular (Private Sector, Government) Pack/Crate (Household, Private Sector, Government)

RMG Business Enterprises, Inc. has over 100,000 square feet of warehouse storage space available to any private sector company, government agency, or individual home in need of storage. We also offer record box storage, for anyone in need of that type of service. Currently this is offered only to private sector companies and the federal government, but is evaluated on a case-by-case scenario. We Aim To Please.

Our facility is equipped with state of the art equipment and ran by a skilled staff, which have been trained thoroughly prior to employment with our company. All staff is required to have established knowledge of warehousing logistics, and is hired for the knowledge they have prior to employment. The facility has racking which is used to store items from floor to ceiling, and maintain an organized outlook within our site.

Our site is located in Chantilly, Virginia in a strategic. part of the Metropolitan area, which provides access to all major highways and the ability to be near the nations capital area and Dulles Airport, a major shipping location for our company.

RMG Business Enterprises, Inc. provides this service upon request. Our technicians are hired based on skill level acquired prior to employment and have been trained in all of the major systems: Hayworth, Rosemount, Allsteell, Technion, and Herman Miller being our usual task, and not excluding any other brand. RMG is available to disassemble, reassemble, or reconfigure.

Moving and Storage

RMG specializes in private sector/government office and industrial relocations:


RMG provides relocations of any size. Our guarantee is maximum assistance for your companies employees, with minimum down time for your business.


Companies with multiple locations of different teams that need to combine offices.


Our trained staff will work with the librarian or staff coordinator to ensure the integrity of the collections. Using equipment designed for organized moving.


RMG can provide managers for your warehouse and off-site locations. This service includes the logistics of the stored merchandise.


RMG will provide your company or agency with labor and moving equipment on a hourly basis. This service is provided on a daily or as-needed basis. Depending on your particular need.


With our prime location and state of the art facilities, RMG is eager to provide space to those in need.


Systems furniture technicians are always available to provide disassembly, reassembly, reconfiguration to any manufacture type of modular systems. Our technicians have quality training prior to employment with our company making them very professional and ready for any task presented.