Thank you for choosing MovingU4Less Nationwide Moving and Storage for your upcoming local, long distance or corporate move. Moving is our specialty - but for us the customer always comes first! We take great care making sure the customer is 100% satisfied. Every relocation we perform gets special attention and its unique needs are properly addressed. Our rates are highly competitive, based primarily on weight or by volume in some cases according to the customer's best interest.

A long distance move is a move that is greater than 100 miles from the origin and/or the move crosses a state line. Two factors determine the major portion of the cost of your move. They are the distance you are moving and the weight of your shipment.

Most of us probably don't know the exact total weight of our belongings. In order to determine an approximate weight of your shipment, you can use the table below.

Besides the transportation charges, additional factors that will affect the price of your move include:

  • Packing by the Moving Company
  • Accessorial charges such as a flight of stairs, elevators, excessively long carry, the need to use a small shuttle vehicle, etc
  • Your choice of additional valuation for the move
  • The need for storage in transit while you are getting settled in your new location

Local Moves

Backed by a large fleet of clean, fully-equipped moving vans, trained, uniformed and courteous personnel and a reputation for quality, MovingU4Less can be trusted to handle your move quickly, efficiently, safely and economically.

A local move is a move that takes place within a 100 mile radius and stays within the state of origin. Many factors determine the cost of a local move. Estimates are free and there is no obligation. We advise that you obtain a written estimate from several movers ahead of time. A written estimate is binding, phone estimates and rate quotations are not.

The cost for local moves is based on the number of movers, the time it takes to move your belongings and the drive time between your old and new residence. The chart below will help you get an idea of how many hours and movers it may take for your move.