King of the World Movers specializes in apartment, commercial and residental moves. No job is too big or too small, whether its across town or across the country we move at your convenience.

King of the World Movers is licensed, issured and registered with the Department of Transportation. So you can feel at ease when you move with us, because, when you move YOU are KING OF THE WORLD!

Moving is a very personal experience, if not the most personal, where you only think about yourself, like you’re the king of the world. Here at King of The World Movers, we can relate to that. We’re located in Coldwater, Mississippi out of Tate County. We provide moving services throughout the Tennessee and Arkansas areas. In Tennessee, we provide local and long distance moves to the likes of Memphis and much more. In Arkansas, we’ll help you cross state lines from the likes of Little Rock or Wooster without a problem.

Its tough being The King of The World Movers, but the competition doesn’t stack up. The men we’d supply for your move are top-notch and trained to accomplish any move they’ll come across. Don’t let your belongings be handled by those peasants. Only trust the best, we’ll make sure once the move is complete, you’re satisfied 110%. You’ve tried the rest now try the best of the world, The King of The World Movers, where we understand that happiness does have it price. That is why we make sure you’re supplied with the best equipment for your move.