JMN Transportation Delivering Excellence

JMN is a full-service transportation company utilizing state-of-the-art equipment coupled with the desire and the know-how to fulfill any transportation request. We have 30+ various types of trucks and equipment to handle any transport needs you may have as well as a carrier network of 3000+. With these resources and knowledge, JMN Transportation is able to maintain high customer satisfaction while at the same time offering competitive pricing. Our company is considered a leader in the auto shipping industry. JMN Transportation has built a great reputation through service and performance. JMN adapts to the ever-changing automotive industry and specific clientele needs that each of our customer demands. JMN has gone and will go the extra distance for each and every one of our clients. Our dedication and experience will ensure the same to our new clients as well.

JMN Transportation has experienced tremendous growth. It started with only 7 employees and now is a company with well over 100 employees. Bill Billiter, Director of Operations, is responsible for every aspect of the operation to ensure that each customer receives the best possible service. Bill started day one with JMN and knows what it takes to get the job done. We have a full staff of trained customer service representatives and a well-trained group of drivers with many years of experience.

We operate a wide variety of up-to-date equipment including large car carriers, roll backs for inoperable units and various cars, vans, and a 24 passenger bus. Our equipment is vigorously maintained for optimum performance to ensure both the safety of our employees as well as the expected scheduled delivery. JMN also utilizes fully insured drive-away tags to service dealers in the bi-state area to provide quick, reliable service. As you can see, JMN uses a broad variety of resources to handle your EVERY vehicle transport need.

JMN’s service speaks for itself. JMN currently has over 2,000 customers, including numerous auction houses, dealers, lease companies, rental car companies, repossession agencies, individual clients, and new car manufacturers. We offer: A staff dedicated to providing you with professional, friendly, and knowledgeable service., Primary insurance coverage with no deductible., Competitive affordable auto transport pricing., Corporate moves., Military moves, Local drive-a-way service., purchases., Dealer vehicle relocations., Auction purchases, Single units or complete loads., Inoperable vehicles, Enclosed as well as open carriers.


JMN Transportation, Inc., is a licensed and bonded carrier and broker. We not only have our own truck fleet but also have a network of over 3000 qualified and established carriers, so we can provide you with quality service and a worry free move. To protect our customers, each transport company is required to meet the same high standards that our company drivers must maintain. If they do not meet our standards, we do not allow them to be added to our database and if they do not maintain our high standards, they are quickly removed.

Most brokers post their vehicles on a national database and wait for a carrier to call them and request the vehicle. JMN selects the carriers we allow to transport our vehicles. We notify them daily of our vehicles to be transported. JMN ensures your vehicle is transported on a timely basis. With our truck fleet and network of carriers we can provide your every transport need. No carrier only or broker only can provide you with this service.


ON-TIME DELIVERIES: You can’t sell what you don’t have. JMN is a leader in the auction transport business. We have built an excellent reputation with auctions throughout the entire United States. JMN receives an extensive amount of referrals from auctions nationwide on a daily basis.JMN knows that your vehicles won’t sell sitting at an auction. The quicker we get your cars back to your lot the quicker you can sell them. This will increase your profitability. If your business is successful, the more business you can do with us and the more successful we are. IT IS A WIN-WIN SITUATION.