Alabama is a simple, practical place where the clear blue sky is something to sing about. Tradition matters in Alabama more than it does in most places; residents follow rivals University of Alabama and Auburn University Football like a National Football teams. Recognized for more than just sports, Alabama is a state backed by decades of history. Museums, monuments, and library provide you enough knowledge to know the state like the back of your hand.

Along the Gulf Coast, Alabama’s white sand beaches and sunny skies evoke a placid feeling (except during hurricane season!). Northern Alabama can exude peace as well, especially along one of the state’s well known bird watching and hiking trails. But clustered behind the southern pines and azalea bushes, Alabama is hiding a far more sophisticated side. Huntsville, Alabama is known as the rocket capital of the world, and workers there assembled the rockets that put men on the moon. There is even a little luxury too. Where you might expect to find nothing but truck and tractor dealerships in Alabama, the only Mercedes Benz visitor’s center in America is located just outside Tuscaloosa.

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Now that you are moving to Alabama, there are a couple facts you will want to remember:

  1. Alabama’s total population is 4,779,735 (Census 2010).
  2. Alabama’s state capital is Montgomery.
  3. The first open heart surgery in the world was performed in Alabama.
  4. The state has the oldest public archives in the nation and numerous high tech manufacturing and IT firms are located here.
  5. In the language of the local Creek tribes, Alabama means "tribal village."
  6. During the Civil War, Montgomery, Alabama was briefly the capital of the Confederate States of America.
  7. Alabama’s official state nut is the pecan.

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