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Before the MoveDuring the MoveAfter the Move
Tips on Budgeting Moving Expenses: Save some money on your move with some simple tips. Move Yourself or Hire a Professional:: The pros and cons of moving with or without a moving company. Check the state authority status and license of the moving company before you hire them for an intrastate move or their federal moving license for an interest move Moving Company Reviews: Read about the moving experience and reviews of others and tell us yours.
Understanding the Different Types of Moves: Not all moves are created equal. You may be surprised what you find out. Utility Tips: Water, electric, and gas are utilities you can't live without. Read these tips on how to handle them after your move. Changing Your Address Tips: Make sure the world knows how to reach you. Moving Insurance Tips: Having insurance for your move is a must. Read all you need to know about moving insurance.
Auto Transport Insurance Tips: Take your car with you, but make sure you know how to insure it for your next move. International Moving Tips: Moving internationally is always exciting. Make the move itself easy by reading some helpful tips about moving abroad. Local Moving: Learn the major difference between a local and long distance moving company. First Time Moving Tips: To avoid the “first move woes” try following these tips
Ordering High Speed Internet And Cable TV: Learn how to get your new place hooked up right using these tips
Selling a Home
Sell it yourself or Hire an Agent: You can do it yourself, but it might be smart to hire a real estate agent. Tips on Selling your Home yourself (FSBO): If you're looking to sell your home yourself, you need to know a few things first.
Buying a Home
Buyer’s Real Estate Agency Tips: What you need to know about real estate agents. Finding a Buyer's Real Estate Agent: How do you know who the right agent is. Let us help you with these tips. House Finder Tips: Buying a house is not just an activity, it's a search for a long time investment. You better know what you're getting into before you start. Apartment Finder Tips: Apartment shopping can be a pain. Learn how to make it a little bit easier.
Mortgage Tips: Along with that dream house comes a mortgage. Read on to learn about how mortgages work.
Before the MoveDuring the MoveAfter the Move
Packing and Special Arrangements
Packing Tips: Learn what it takes to pack all of your belongings the right and efficient way. Moving Your Family Tips: Moving is rough on your family too. Find out how to make it easier on them. Moving Your Automobile Tips: Moving your automobile can be tricky, so read up on some tips. Moving Your Computer Tips: A computer is a very expensive piece of equipment. Make sure on moving day you know how to move it.
Moving Pets Tips: Pets can be very fragile. Read more to learn how to transport them safely during your move. Moving Plants Tips: Moving your plants is a tricky practice. Drop, spill, or tip over your plants and you'll be sorry you didn't read these tips. Moving Furniture Tips: Furniture can be bulky and heavy. Make moving easier on yourself by learning how to successfully move furniture. Tips on Moving a Corporate Office: Wow, moving an entire corporate office? You better read these tips.
Buying and Selling Things for Your Home
Selling Things You No Longer Need Tips: Don't be a hoarder. Sell those things that you think you need but in reality don't. Buying Things for your New Home: How to affordably shop for your new home.
Moving Day
Moving Company Tips: Some things you should consider when you hire a moving company. Unloading and Unpacking Tips: Unloading and unpacking seem easy, but there's more to it than meets the eye.
Before the MoveDuring the MoveAfter the Move
Business Items Storage Tips: Tips you should know about storage for your business. Household Items Storage Tips: There's always an easy way to store something. Read more to find out. General Storage Tips: Learn the basics about picking and using a self storage company.
Making your House a Home
General Home Improvement Tips: Learn how to make your house into a home. Economical Decorative Tips: The price of moving is high, so why not save some money on decorating? Cleaning Tips: Has your new home been lived in before? Learn how to clean your new, but used home. Buying Furniture: It sounds easy, but there are steps you need to take before you buy a new piece of furniture.
Building an Entertainment Room: Every guy likes his entertainment room. Learn what you need for your very own. Backyard Ideas: Load your backyard up with some fun and necessary essentials. Driveway Paving Tips: It’s time for some paving! Check out these tips before you start. Home Security: Evaluate which security system is right for you.
Additional Helpful Tools and Tips
Additional Helpful Tools and Tips
Moving Time Table Tips: How and when you should handle your move. General Moving Tips: Some general tips and tricks to having a successful move.
Piano Movers: Learn whether to hire a piano mover or move it yourself. Moving News: Read up on the latest news in the moving industry.
Distance Calculator: Find out how far you're moving. Weight and Volume Calculator: Calculate the weight and volume of the items you plan on moving.
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