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Tips on Shipping Artwork

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Moving artwork can be a nerve-wracking event; just the idea of having to let someone else handle your expensive piece of artwork is nauseating. That’s why you try to find the best moving company possible. Not all moving companies are equipped to handle moving artwork. There are numerous variables that you must consider before you select which movers to use to help move your artwork. You must consider what kind of trucks the movers are using as well as whether they have the right moving tools, even a detail as tiny as having white gloves is essential.

The movers must be patient and able to comprehend the magnitude at moving any valuable piece of artwork.

Moving Trucks: Make sure to double check the moving truck the movers arrived to your home in. The moving truck must obtain a lock obviously; the truck should also possess a climate control system. Shipping artwork is a very serious matter to you and should be taken into the same consideration by the movers. All of the artwork must be safely secured to the walls of the moving trucks with straps. Obviously the straps should provide security for artwork but they shouldn’t disturb the condition of it.
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Gloves: It is essential for the movers to use white gloves while moving artwork. This will make it easier for you to notice any dirt that might be on their gloves.

Protecting Artwork: Make sure that the movers aren’t wearing any heavy belts or other wardrobe accessories that could damage any art piece; this will go a long way to preventing harm to the artwork, much like the white gloves.

Supplies: Make sure the movers have arrived with enough materials and equipment to prevent anything bad from happening while they’re shipping artwork. Blankets usually provide the best support for the heavier pieces of art.

Rush, rush, rush: If the movers are in a hurry to leave the scene of the move, don’t fret, simply write down ‘uninspected’ on any of the final documents, like a receipt. The movers may try to pressure you into changing what you wrote, but simply ask to take a final look at the truck to make sure your artwork is safe and secure.

If you do your research and look into the licensing and the histories of all the moving companies that potentially move your artwork, you should be able to find the right moving company for the job because shipping artwork is artwork in itself, it shouldn't be taken lightly.
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