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Selling Things You No Longer Need Tips

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As you prepare in moving to a new home, you are provided with an excellent opportunity to sort through some of the excess items you've collected since the last time you moved. By clearing out some items, you can not only raise some quick cash, but also lighten your load in terms of what you'll need to pack and move.

Online Auctions

  • A great way to earn extra money to cover your moving costs is by selling your unwanted goods online.

  • When you use online auctions (example:, you are given the opportunity to showcase your items for sale to the world, not just your own neighborhood.

  • Before you can buy or sell any goods, you will need to register with online auction sites.
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  • Payment by credit card is no longer the only method of payment - some sellers have multiple payment methods. Contact the individual auction site for specific details.

  • Make sure to take the time with the descriptions of your items; don't forget to include good quality photos. The better your goods are presented, the more likely they will sell.

  • By selling your goods using online auctions, you are given the opportunity to specify that a buyer must pick up the goods themselves. This saves you extra time and money in getting rid of goods.

  • Know the value of what you are selling. Do a search on the site for similar items for sale to check the sale price of recently sold items.

  • By doing a little research, you can also compare your descriptive text to that of other items that sold.

  • If the site offers you the option to post a "Buy it Now" price (which allows you to set the lowest price you will take and allow a customer to skip the auction process by meeting this price), you can speed up the selling process.

  • If you are selling an item and are set in the minimum you will take for it, you can also set a reserve.

Garage Sale

  • Pick a weekend day to allow for the most customers. Avoid holidays and rainy-seasons!

  • It's a good idea to start the garage sale early and end mid-afternoon. A typical garage sale runs from (9am to 4pm).

  • Local papers are fantastic places to advertise your garage sale. Run the ad a couple days before the event as well as the morning of. Local supermarkets often have bulletin boards which are free and successful ways to promote. On the morning of the garage sale, it's also a great idea to place direction signs leading to your sale. Tape colorful signs and posters to street signs for easy removal.

  • Offer refreshments such as coffee, iced tea or lemonade. It's a friendly touch that sometimes helps draw and keep customers.

  • Make sure that all items for sale are properly cleaned. Nobody likes to buy a dirty ironing board or dusty VCR.

  • Always make certain that the price is clearly marked. Confusion may mean the difference between making the sale and someone walking away.

  • You will need at least $20 in change and small bills. Old cigar or pencil boxes work as fantastic banks. It's a good idea to keep a tablet with all sales. This will make it easier to balance your bank at the end of the sale.

  • It's a good idea to have some old newspaper on hand to wrap any fragile items you are selling. You can find free boxes at any liquor store or pharmacy.

  • You should arrange to have some help throughout the afternoon in case you need a break to use the restroom or grab a bite to eat.

  • Display your sales items on tables or shelves, and don't forget to place your best items as close to the street as you can to draw attention from passersby.

  • Your items should be reasonably priced, and always be prepared to bargain with your customers.

Flea Market

  • Local markets are a great means for selling second hand items. Because most of them are well-advertised, they will be attended by professional second-hand hunters.

  • You might want to consider hiring a trailer for the day as you'll be able to get more merchandise there; and don't forget at the end of the day you might want to stop off at a second hand store or a charity store to drop off some items.

  • Flea market space typically costs a nominal fee.

Second Hand Stores and Charity Stores

  • Second hand stores and charity stores are always grateful for donations. It's really worthwhile making a quick phone call first to find out what they might want to take off your hands.
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