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Moving to New Jersey

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Moving to New Jersey

Moving to New Jersey can pose so many questions that seem to either go unanswered or provide very little insight to helping you move. Questions such as where should I stay? How far am I from the city? Or whatís the best neighborhood for my children are just a few that actually need valuable answers. While all of these are good questions, itís important to not overwhelm yourself and forget that you need to make sure the actual move needs to go smoothly first.

With so many thoughts going through your head, itís easy to overlook or rush in to the decision making process trying to check tasks off of your to-do list. If you feel like this is a road you may be headed down, donít worry. has put together some helpful items to make your move to or from New Jersey stress free.

Protect Yourself Moving to or from New Jersey
Whether you are moving to or from New Jersey, protecting yourself and your items are important to having a victorious move. A few simple tasks can avoid your bank account taking a hit and a major migraine from occurring. Here are quick tips to help:

  1. Read moving company reviews
  2. Verifying that they are a licensed long distance moving company
  3. Getting a in person written estimate signed by the moving company

Avoid relying on phone estimates or the internet when it comes to selecting a moving company in New Jersey. Every day, customers run in to movers that have switch prices because they have elected not to get an in home estimate. Make the moving company come out to your home and give you a signed in person estimate.

Verifying Movers License
Anyone can say they are licensed to do moves but proving it can be another story. Check with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs to verify licenses of all members. Another resource to verify moverís licenses include the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. †If you canít find the listed moving company, move on to the next.

All long distance movers are requested to have a DOT number and an MC number. Check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration site to see if your New Jersey Mover is properly registered with the US Department of Transportation. Long distance moving companies in New Jersey should also maintain the required level of insurance.

How to Know When You Are Being Scammed

  • Moving company wonít do an in-house estimate
  • The price is too good to be true
  • Movers ask what your budget is
  • Movers are asking for cost/deposit upfront
  • Final price was more than double of the original estimate
  • Moving company refuses to unload the truck until you pay the additional charges

Rogue movers are everywhere and you need to take precaution before you end up getting scammed out of thousands of dollars or even worse; your items being stolen.

Switching to a New Jersey License
If you are finally settled in to your new home, now itís time to switch your old license over to New Jersey. In order to get the process started, make sure to have handy your 6 Points of ID and Address Verification before visiting a local DMV in New Jersey. If you are concerned about taking the road test again, itís waived as long as you have a valid, non provisional license issued by the District of Columbia or any of the 50 states.† New residents of New Jersey have within 60 days to transfer their out-of-state license.

Commuting in New Jersey
Looking for transportation in New Jersey? Not to worry because transportation to and from your destination is highly accessible. Whether you need to go New York City or not, the convenience of traveling is within minutes of your home.
If you need additional information on fares, arrival and departure times, look into the below transit systems:

  • NJ Transit
  • PATH†(Port Authority Trans-Hudson Corporation)
  • MTA†(Metropolitan Transportation Authority)
  • PATCO†(Port Authority Transit Corporation)
  • SEPTA†(Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority)
  • Amtrak

The convenience of the transit system in New Jersey allows residences to work in New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Finding the Right Neighborhood

When it comes to finding the right neighborhood in New Jersey, there are a few important things to look for. Like many, you are probably moving because of a job so itís key to find a home within commuting range. If you have kids, you also want to make sure you find a neighborhood with a great school in the area.

There are a ton of other factors that play in to the decision of finding a neighborhood but if you arenít sure where to look, weíve compiled a list to help you get started:

State Resources Ė New Jersey has housing resources that are great starting points. You can visit the New Jersey Housing Resource Center. The NJHRC provides assistance in finding affordable homes for purchase and rent. Another great state resource is the Housing & Mortgage Finance Agency (HMFA). The agency helps promote and build homes that are affordable and low cost.

Classified Ads ĖWhatís now considered old fashioned, the classified ads of the local newspaper still post ads for home and apartment rentals. You can also check for recent listings that you can sort through based on how much you are willing to spend.

Online Resources Ė There are several online resources to find a home. Resources like or provide an abundance of homes for you to rent or buy. Get all the information you need on a home right from your computer.

Brokers Ė Donít feel like doing the search? Brokers typically handle the leg work by researching neighborhoods, providing pictures, and detailed descriptions on homes that meet your criteria.
Word-of-Mouth Ė The cheapest way of finding a home is through word of mouth. Reach out to friends and family and ask if they can recommend some areas that fit your criteria.

New Jersey is very similar to New York City; itís very challenging and time consuming when it comes to searching for a home. Itís key to stay patient and prepared to make a decision when youíve found something that you like. Be prepared to have two monthís rent, security deposit, brokerís fee, and other fees associated with moving.

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