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Ryan Dempster, Cubs Moving On
ESPN – August 17, 2011
Chicago Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster isn't sure whether he would welcome Carlos Zambranoback to the clubhouse, but Dempster does believe Zambrano needs to resolve some issues before the discussion about a return even begins.

President Obama To Discuss Fuel Efficiency Standards For Work Trucks
Chicago Sun-Times – August 6, 2011
President Obama will visit Interstate Moving Services in Springfield, Virginia, to announce first of their kind fuel efficiency standards for work trucks, buses, and other heavy duty vehicles. The new standards will provide American businesses, who operate and own these commercial vehicles, tens of billions of dollars in fuel savings, and will dramatically reduce oil consumption and cut pollution.

Wendy's Says It Is Moving Company Headquarters to Ohio
Bloomberg – August 4, 2011
Wendy's Co., the operator of the Wendy's fast-food chain, said it will move company headquarters to Dublin, Ohio.

USF Students Help Moving Company Find Success
TBO.COM – July 27, 2011
University of South Florida seniors Brandon Currelley and Lee Werst are part of the team at Strong College Students moving company. Find out how a group of students made moving an easy task.

Governments Crack Down On Moving Scams
USA TODAY – July 27, 2011
Unlicensed moving companies are significantly more likely to rip off consumers, says Linda Bauer Darr, president and CEO of the American Moving and Storage Association, a trade group of 3200 professional movers.

Trade Rumors Surround Carlos Beltran, Other Players Recall The Entire Experience – July 24, 2011
Tuliebitz has contacts with corporate housing companies, hotels, companies that ship cars and moving companies. His priority, he says, is getting the player into uniform as quickly as possible so the team doesn't play a man short.

Zillow IPO Gets Warm Welcome
Reuters – July 21, 2011
Despite the ups and downs, Zillow's IPO has already been far more successful than the company initially projected.  But the stock proved somewhat volatile in its first few hours of trading when it took a huge dip.

Chrysler Plans To Buy Auto-Transport Trucks to Bypass Teamsters, UAW Says
Bloomberg – July 15, 2011
Chrysler Group LLC, heads in to labor negotions with UAW. Planning to purchase trucks for use by non-union workers to tranport its cars and trucks.

Veto Means Missouri's Moving Regulations Remain Stuck In The '30 – July 12, 2011
Current Missouri state law requires intrastate moving companies to get a permit, and before getting a permit that covers the entire state, you have to exist existing companies if they want any new competition. The current household-moving law dates from the 1930s, when some politicians thought cartels and monopolies could save jobs.

25 Moving Companies Across N.J. Face Fines For Not Being Licensed – July 5, 2011
25 New Jersey moving companies across face fines of up to $2,500 each as part of an undercover initiative targeting unlicensed and uninsured haulers conducted by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.  A four-day sting operation uncovered total of 25 unlicensed movers operating illegally.

Moving Montrealers Need Special Parking Permits
CTV Montreal – June 29, 2011
Darlene McKoewn gets the heavy job of explaining the extra fee to customers of her moving company. Now that moving season has arrived, those who plan to transfer their goods to a new home should be advised of city parking permits.

Moving to the Cloud: A 'Rational' Choice For McDonald's – June 20, 2011
McDonald’s saw the opportunity to move the fast-food chain’s application-development tooling environment to the cloud. Company’s application-development strategy, saw the cloud as a way to cut cost  and enhance flexibility for his development teams.

Another Company is Moving Jobs From NY In Apparent Flight From Wage Law
NY Daily News – June 19, 2011
A Brooklyn company that holds more than $20 million in contracts to provide meals to city schools, shelters and jails has announced plans to eliminate 132 unionized jobs by moving operations to a nonunion plant in Pennsylvania.

60 More Firms Move Jobs, Work Out Of California
Orange County Register – June 17, 2011
Through June 16, 129 California companies have moved jobs, work and/or headquarters out of state, says Vranich who has been tracking what he calls "disinvestment events" for three years. That is 60 more since. The pace of companies moving partly or completely out of California has accelerated in 2011, according to Irvine business relocation expert Joe Vranich.

House Movers Take Away Wrong Dental Clinic
Hawke's Bay Today – June 13, 2011
House movers almost moved off-site a school dental clinic this past weekend. Movers were supposed to be shifting a disused dental clinic at Heretaunga Intermediate, but went to Camberley school instead.

Groupon IPO Filing Moving The Company Public
TechieInsider – June 3, 2011
Online group coupon startup Groupon finalized on June 2 that they would go public. The company has filed their IPO while analysts guess that their valuation is at $30 billion.

Applebee's Move Will Generate $300K in New Revenue Annually for KC
Kansas City The Star – June 1, 2011
Applebee International’s relocation to an office building on Ward Parkway is expected to net the city treasury an additional $300,000 annually in earnings taxes, a Kansas City Council committee was told today.

Protect Your Goods From Moving Scams
WPRI Eyewitness News – May 24, 2011
Imagine, you hire a moving company, pay them big bucks. and then, your belongings and the mover are no shows! Call 12 for action has uncovered important information to protect your goods and your wallet.

Sacrament Kings: Maloofs Pitching Move to Anaheim
Bleacher Report – April 14, 2011
As soon as Monday, the Sacramento Kings owners could apply for a move to Anaheim. Still located in Sacramento, a move to Anaheim could happen in the very near future.

Unglamorous Self-Storage Industry Dazzling Investors With 30% Returns
World Property Channel – April 12, 2011
Self-storage business in the U.S. posted total returns of 29.3% in 2010, while year-to-date returns for the first two months of 2011 have already topped 10%. Large players in the self-storage industry are forecasting a 2% to 3% increase in same-store sales growth in 2011, and an even better increase in net operating income in the coming year.

Fla. House passes bill to deregulate 19 industries
Naples News – April 7, 2011
The Household Goods Transportation Act of 1980 opened up the moving business nationwide, throwing open the doors to smaller moving companies like his Fort Myers-based Vernay Van Lines, while reducing prices for consumers.

California Gas Prices Putting the Squeeze on Auto Transport Brokers, Reports Universal Auto Transport
PRNewswire – March 14, 2011
Auto transportation companies are seeing their margins evaporate and are struggling to find ways to preserve their business while protecting the customers from the impact of the price increases.

Stay Mindful on Moving Day
The Huffington Post – August 31, 2010
So what's so special about the kind of moving that happens around the first of any given month, and especially just before or after the summer?

Will the Vikings Move to Los Angeles?
Yahoo! Sports – August 26, 2010
If the team doesn't get an agreement on a new stadium, the Minnesota Vikings will be moving the team out of Minnesota, according to The most likely destination, the site says, is Los Angeles, where two different groups of investors are trying to build stadiums...

Pet-Friendly Dorms Take Bite out of Moving
The Seattle Times – August 24, 2010
About 20 students and their pets — dogs, cats and a few caged gerbils and rats — are taking up residence at Nemec Hall, an established dorm, as the fall semester begins this week...

Healthy Hoboken: Moving Day
Patch – August 11, 2010
I usually think of moving day as a huge headache. This year, though, I approached it with a new attitude. I'm considering it the best workout I'll get all summer...

Divorcee Must Pay for Skype so Ex-Husband Can Chat with Kids
NY Daily News – August 11, 2010
A Suffolk County judge ruled a mom who wants to move with her two kids to Florida can only relocate after arranging for video conferencing between the children and her ex-husband.

For College Freshmen, Leaving Home May Bring Mixed Emotions
Bloomberg Business Week – August 8, 2010
Moving from home to attend college or university can be exciting for students but also somewhat overwhelming and intimidating...

Man Looking for Roommate won’t live with iPhone or iPad Fan
The New York Observer – August 5, 2010
Vince Thomas is moving to NYC and is seeking a roommate. The catch? His new roommate cannot have an iPhone or iPad!

Identity Theft More Likely When Moving
AOL Housing Watch – August 5, 2010
If you're planning to buy a house, rent a different apartment or relocate your family anytime soon, chances are you didn't think that moving could make you the victim of identity theft...

Bachelorette Couple Ali and Roberto Moving to San Diego
The Deadbolt – August 5, 2010
Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez are heading to San Diego to be closer to each other, which also includes a new post Bachelorette apartment for the happy couple...

Not Everyone Quick to Welcome Homeless Residents
Dallas News – August 4, 2010
The new tenants at Cliff Manor will be greeted with warmth – and a chill. Many north Oak Cliff residents have unsuccessfully fought the housing, which includes counseling and treatment...

As Leases End, Moving Day Scatters Students & Staff
The Alligator – August 3, 2010
From late July through the month of August, the pressure of moving can be felt all over Gainesville, as many renters find themselves with expiring leases...

How to Stay Healthy when Moving
Chicago Now – July 27, 2010
Yesterday my "tidal wave" of boxes arrived from Georgia...stressful to say the least; I managed to stay mentally fit throughout my moving day. Here are my top ten tips on how to do it right...

Camp Helps Girl Adjust After Moving from Dallas
Los Angeles Times – July 21, 2010
Camp will be particularly meaningful as a marker of Symone Watson’s first summer in California after relocating from Texas almost a year ago...

Moving Companies Taking Advantage of Vulnerable Customers?
ABC 15 – July 20, 2010
Expect one price and then in the end you get charged double to move. That's what's happening all over Arizona...

Bill of Rights Proposed with List of Demands for Canadian Moving Companies
News 1130 – July 19, 2010
According to the Canadian Association of Movers, nearly one-in-four professional moves last year resulted in a complaint. Now, a customer's Bill of Rights has been proposed to prevent future problems...

The Homeward Bound American
The Wall Street Journal – July 16, 2010
56% of us never move from our birth state—even as the myth of the mobile American persists. Now the myth has an addendum: Mobile Americans are damaging our kids...

Shaq is Not Moving to Atlanta
Yahoo! Sports – July 16, 2010
According to AOL FanHouse, the Atlanta Hawks don’t have enough money to get Shaq ...

Quebec Moving Day Yields Scrapyard Gold
CBC News – July 12, 2010
Scrap metal peddlers are cashing in on Quebec's annual July 1 moving day ritual. Thousands of people across the province move on July 1, because it is the official end date for...

Clintons Looking to Move to Westchester
New York Post – July 10, 2010
Looks like Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton are moving on up -- to a deluxe mansion away from prying eyes...

Elle Macpherson Moves in Style
Zimbio – July 9, 2010
Supermodel Elle Macpherson moved into her new London apartment with the help of a local moving company all while maintaining her impeccable style ...

Brian Austin Greene Moving to Wisteria Lane
Zap2It – July 8, 2010
There's been buzz throughout the week that Brian Austin Green was in the running for a role on "Desperate Housewives." Now, Access Hollywood confirms that the 36-year-old actor will indeed be on a the series for a multi-episode arc in the upcoming ...

Move Businesses Moving to Downtown Las Vegas
8 News Now – July 8, 2010
The economy is tough, but some businesses are bucking the trend by expanding and relocating. And Downtown Las Vegas is getting a lot of attention...

House Fire on Moving Day Does $50K in Damage
Abbotsford Times – July 8, 2010
An Abbotsford house fire caused an estimated $50,000 damage to a home in the 2630 block of James Street on Thursday night. The residents were in the process of moving out when one of them smelled burning plastic and investigated...

Moving on a Budget: How to Plan Ahead and Save – July 8, 2010
Whether it’s down the street or across state lines, no one likes moving. The piles of brown boxes and the hours upon hours of packing can wring a high cost to your wallet — not to mention your sanity...

Joe Montana Moves to San Francisco
SF Weekly – July 6, 2010
In almost every respect, Joe Montana is not typical. But, in moving back to the city with a wad of cash and an empty nest, Montana is, in many ways, just another typical San Franciscan now...

Why Ashley Greene Moving to New York
Lazybuzz – July 5, 2010
Ashley Greene is shifting from Los Angeles to New York in a bid to escape the Hollywood limelight. Greene gained fame and a large number of fans after her role in the 2008 romantic ‘Twilight’. But she has now decided to move to Manhattan to live a more peaceful life....

5 Things You Should Know about Moving 1,300 Employees
Des Moines Register – July 4, 2010
Aviva USA employees are moving from three downtown Des Moines locations to newly built headquarters in West Des Moines. President Chris Littlefield says the process is on time, on budget and running smoothly...

Moving Day Disasters and How to Avoid Them
Housing Watch – July 2, 2010
Thanks to the homebuyer tax credit, the long holiday weekend will likely be one of the busiest times to move, in the busiest moving season of the year. And what better way to celebrate July Fourth than by fulfilling the American Dream of moving into...

Quebec Sees 91,000 Moves
Montreal Gazette – July 2, 2010
It's Moving Day in Montreal, and the McGill Ghetto has turned into a furniture graveyard. Jean-Pierre Le Blanc, spokesperson for the Regie du Logement, estimated 91,000 people in Quebec took part in the tradition this year. And it showed...

Man Uses Subway to Move, Annoys Friends
The Wall Street Journal – June 10, 2010
Presumably in an effort to save money, one New Yorker last week decided to find the cheapest possible way of moving from Queens to Manhattan: the subway...

A Moving Day at the Dorm
Los Angeles Times - May 25, 2010
Helping her freshman daughter pack up at San Francisco State, a mother knows she'll do just fine sharing a tiny one-bedroom flat with three roommates...

Tips for Avoiding Moving Day Surprises
Consumer Reports – May 17, 2010
With warmer months comes the household moving season, a time when consumers are more frequently victimized by dishonest and unlicensed moving companies...

Conan O’Brien Moves to Warner Bros. Lot for New Late Night Show
FOX News – May 16, 2010
Conan O'Brien isn't just moving to a new network, he's moving to a new office...

Artist Finds Inspiration on Craigslist
NY Daily News – May 15, 2010
While looking for local movers in New York on Craigslist, artist Sophie Blackall became inspired to...

Bright Flight: Affluent Leaving Suburbs, Moving to Cities
The Wall Street Journal Blog – May 11, 2010
In a historic first, many young, prosperous Americans are moving from the suburbs to the city...

Protect Yourself from Unscrupulous Moving Companies – May 8, 2010
The American Moving & Storage Association offers consumers tips on how to choose the perfect moving company...

Avoid Moving Scams this Summer
Better Business Bureau – May 3, 2010
Tips on how to find a great moving company this summer from the Better Business Bureau...

Sandra Bullock Moving to New Orleans with Baby Louis
FOX News – May 3, 2010
Hollywood actress Bullock plans on moving to New Orleans with her newly adopted son...

Fraud Suit Filed Against Chandler Moving Company
AZ Central – May 3, 2010
Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard has filed a consumer fraud suit against a rogue moving company in Chandler, AZ for...

Why is Oprah Moving to Cable?
The Wall Street Journal Blog – April 8, 2010
Oprah opens up about why she is moving her popular talk show from network television to her own cable network...

Moving Company Owner Charged in Statewide Sweep
NFW Daily News – April 3, 2010
Rogue movers in Florida busted for not having proper licensing and insurance to operate...

Moving Day at Sandra and Jesse’s?
E! Online – April 3, 2010
A moving truck was photographed Friday at the Seal Beach, CA home that James and Bullock had shared until mid-March, when news of his...

Are the Yankees or Red Sox Moving to AL Central?
Bleacher Report - March 29, 2010
MLB commissioner Bud Selig is considering moving the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox to the AL Central to increase competition. This way...

New Ballparks Can Mean New Hope for Teams - March 24, 2010
Here's a glance at how some professional baseball teams have fared since moving to their new home stadiums...

Jamie Lynn Spears Moving to LA
The Cleveland Leader - March 16, 2010
The younger Spears daughter is moving to Los Angeles from Louisiana to live with sister Britney Spears.

Is “24” Moving to NBC?
Jack Bauer may have just moved to New York, but he and the popular series “24” may now be moving to a new network if FOX doesn’t renew the series.

Moving Can Be A Stressful Time
BC Local News - March 11, 2010
Psychologists tell us that moving is one of the top three most stressful things we will do in our lifetime. It’s right up there with divorce, marriage or getting fired.

How to Move to DC
We Love DC - March 1, 2010
This short post is a series of lessons that we’ve learned as part of the moving process to Washington DC. Trust us when we say: learn from our mistakes.

Make Moving Simple for Your Pets
The Reno-Gazette Journal - February 27, 2010
Moving, and its associated travel, can be tough on pets, as well as their owners. The hustle and bustle leading up to moving day and settling into a new home creates...

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Renolds Moving to NYC
I'm Not Obsessed - February 26, 2010
Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are moving to New York. The married couple put their four-bedroom Spanish style Los Angeles property up for sale to move into a $2 million penthouse on the Upper East Side.

Seniors Today: Moving out of the Family Home
St. Louis Globe-Democrat - February 17, 2010
Many seniors and their family members agonize about when the right time to sell a home and move is.

Moving Older Parents to Smaller Places is Emotional, Important Task
The Grand Rapids Press - February 14, 2010
For most families, moving an older parent or loved one is never easy — especially if it’s a move from a home the person has lived in for years.

Illegal Movers Ordered to Obtain Valid Permits
Washington UTC – February 9, 2010
2 moving companies making claims that they were licensed and insured movers are ordered to pay hefty fines for violating Washington’s state laws.

"Jersey Shore" Moving to South Beach
PopEater/AOL - February 9, 2010
The cast of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” is moving to Miami for another season of debauchery.

Why Are Galapagos Sea Lions Moving to Peru?
Christina Science Monitor - February 8, 2010
A colony of sea lions from the Galapagos Islands recently migrated 1,000 miles southeast to Peru, says a Lima-based ocean group. Why did the sea lions move?

Sad Goodbye: D.C. Pandas Moving Back to China
ABC News - February 4, 2010
It's a sad goodbye this morning for the many, many admirers of four-year-old Tai Shan and three-year-old Mei Lan, two pandas born at zoos in the United States. The pandas are leaving on a charter plane for a roughly 14-hour flight back home to China.

Amanda Seyfried Moving to New York
Showbiz Spy - January 27, 2010
The star of “Dear John” and “Mamma Mia!” is moving to New York City in April to be closer to her boyfriend, British actor Dominic Cooper.

Expansion Helps Shelter Serve More People
KPTM - January 25, 2010
Hundreds of women and families are moving to Omaha into a new state-of-the-art homeless shelter.

Dustin Lance Black Moving to New York City
New York Magazine - January 20, 2010
Academy Award–winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black is planning on moving to New York but is in need of some great moving tips since searching for an apartment in NYC is much different from looking for a place in LA..."

The Poor are Moving to the Suburbs at Higher Rates, Study Finds
Medill Reports: Chicago - January 20, 2010
In the decades after World War II, the middle class moved to the suburbs for its version of the American dream: bigger houses, better schools and homogenized lifestyles. The people they left behind have...

Alexa Ray Joel: Moving Day
Celebrity - January 15, 2010
The musician daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley looked to be in high spirits as she toted a few light items while movers tended to the heavier items in the...

Moving Abroad for the Next Opportunity
The Wall Street Journal Online - January 12, 2010
Some brave individuals are moving to another country for work. Read about a woman’s struggle to find work overseas and what steps she has to take for a successful move abroad.

7 Ways to Save on Moving Costs
Bankrate - January 12, 2010
There are many ways to trim moving costs. Some are pretty straightforward, and others are less obvious. Following are six that may benefit you.

Foreclosures Grow in Housing Market's Top Tiers
The Wall Street Journal - October 13, 2009
New data suggest that foreclosures are rising in more expensive housing markets. About 30% of foreclosures in June involved homes in the top third of local housing values, up from 16% when the foreclosure crisis began three years ago, according to new data from real-estate Web site

3 Ways to Evaluate Prospective Moving Companies
Financial Web - January 11, 2010
Evaluating moving companies is something that almost everyone has to do at some point. You get to a certain point in life where it just makes more sense

More Homeless People Moving to the Springs
KKTV - January 10, 2010
There are now at least 500 homeless people living in Colorado Springs according to the Colorado Springs Police Department. A big chunk of them, police say, have...

Moving Companies Seeing Increase in Trips to Texas
Temple Daily Telegram - January 9, 2010
Back in the 1840s, folks pulling up stakes in the South and Midwest often left a simple message scrawled on their front doors that said it all...

Moving Companies Seeing Increase in Trips to Texas
Milford Daily News - January 6, 2010
A 22-year-old Milford man was arrested Monday after police say he repeatedly punched his uncle in the face and then...

Fla. Population Shrinking or Expanding? Not Even Movers or Demographers Agree on Stats
Bradenton - January 5, 2010
Are more people moving out of Florida than moving in from other states? Yes, one national moving company said in a report released Monday. No, said another national mover that also released a similar report...

New Year’s Puts Many in the Mood for a Fresh Start
Sacramento Bee - December 21, 2009
Out with the old, in with the new. With Jan. 1 looming, it's time to clear away what's not working and celebrate reinvention...

Why Aren’t The Wealthy Moving to Scandinavia?
Wall Street Journal - November 27, 2009
Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland invariably top prosperity surveys, their cities lead quality of life surveys and their citizens live long lives. So why isn’t anybody moving there?

Adults Moving Home in Recession; Delaying Marriage, Kids
Wall Street Journal - November 24, 2009
The recession has caused many adults to move home, shack up with roommates and delay having kids according to a study to be released today by the...

What to Ask Before Moving In
ShelterPop via AOL - November 23, 2009
Finding a new home is a tricky business, and it's hard to know what you're truly getting into until after the movers unload the truck...

Minnesota Vikings Moving to LA?
Yahoo! Sports - November 20, 2009
The Minnesota Vikings are apparently starting to use the threat of moving the team to Los Angeles a little more often these days, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and one wonders if there is a growing truth to the threat...

Beaverton Sting Targets Moving Companies
FOX 12 - November 17, 2009
Oregon police said nine moving companies were fined Tuesday during a crackdown on movers who operate without proper permits and insurance...

Katherine Heigl: Moving Day Mama
Gossip Center - November 17, 2009
The “Ugly Truth” actress wasn’t afraid to break a sweat as she helped her hired moving company load up the moving truck, proving that she’s not a prima donna...

Shippers, Carriers Project Growth Problems
The Journal of Commerce - November 16, 2009
Shippers and carriers expect there will be sufficient capacity in the domestic transportation system to handle the modest growth in traffic that will occur in the coming year, but eventually there will be a day of reckoning marked by driver shortages, higher fuel prices and...

Wounded Hero to get New House before Holidays
KGET via NBC - November 12, 2009
Saturday is moving day for Evan Morgan and his family of three. The disabled Marine Corporal will...

Moving Plans Announced for Czech Museum
The Chicago Tribune - November 12, 2009
The Czech & Slovak Museum & Library will be moving from the banks of the Cedar River to an area in Cedar Rapids that is...

Happy Embraces a Whole New Dating Pool
The Washington Post - November 12, 2009
For Happy the hippo, moving from Washington to Milwaukee has been a pleasure!

Hire Movers without Maxing-Out Your Credit Card
Personal Money Store - November 10, 2009
No one wants to max out their credit cards when moving. But that’s what happened to John Winston of Salem, Massachusetts...

Know More About Cross Country Movers
Cheap Mommy - November 9, 2009
The global society in today’s times has become very mobile in nature. Moving or shifting from one’s current residence to a new one is a common phenomenon. The reasons for such moving...

Daniel Craig Moving into Dream House
Atomic Popcorn - November 7, 2009
Daniel Craig is stepping off of the Broadway stage and moving from Pinewood Shepperton’s studio in Britain...

Women have final say when it comes to moving home
Telegraph - November 3, 2009
Women have the final say when it comes to couples moving house, research has found..."

Tricky life for “boomerang kids”
The Collegian Online - November 2, 2009
I remember the glorious day I turned 18. The transforming age to adulthood meant the end of curfews, groundings and asking for permission. It was an insurgence of freedom that seemed almost too good to be true and, in my case, was short lived...

They want it all, and they want it now
Tulsa World - October 26, 2009
Pack the toys last and have Nana on standby when moving with children younger than 5...

In One Day, an Entire Hospital Moves
Fox Tampa Bay - October 22, 2009
All Children's Hospital's new $400 facility opens December 12 with an unprecedented parade of gurneys, wheelchairs and wagons. "We must move all of the patients in less than 24 hours," explains Vice President of Operations Jean Francis. "We can only have one license, one hospital operating under that license..."

See Jayne Move. Move, Jayne Move: How do You Move 90 Tons of House?
Muscatine Journal - October 17, 2009
One day next spring a piece of Muscatine’s history will find a new home. Along the way, a whole new chapter will be added to the story of the 110-year-old Henry Jayne house. It may even star in a reality television show...

Three Organizations to Green Your Move
Urban Turf - October 16, 2009
Moving day is about to arrive, and you have an apartment filled to the brim with all kinds of stuff you need to decide to either take or trash. As you run around town looking for packing boxes...

Moving Old People Out of Care Homes Kills Them - and I've Got the Proof
Daily Mail - October 16, 2009
Any day now, Mrs. Louisa Watts will be uprooted from the home she loves and dispatched, like a parcel, to an unfamiliar new address...

Missouri's Movers Begin Demanding Task
Honolulu Advertiser - October 14, 2009
It won't be a long move in terms of distance — a journey of just about two miles — but the USS Missouri's trip this morning from historic Battleship Row to Pearl Harbor's Naval Shipyard for drydock repairs has been more than two years in the planning...

Foreclosures Grow in Housing Market's Top Tiers
The Wall Street Journal - October 13, 2009
New data suggest that foreclosures are rising in more expensive housing markets. About 30% of foreclosures in June involved homes in the top third of local housing values, up from 16% when the foreclosure crisis began three years ago, according to new data from real-estate Web site

Lindsay Lohan Considering Moving to Paris
Holly Scoop - October 9, 2009
Lindsay Lohan is reportedly "bored" of life here in Hollywood and is considering moving to Paris...

Moving? Keep in Touch with Your Social Security Benefits
The Paramus Post - October 8, 2009
Social Security Administration's Regional Public Affairs Office in the New York Region If you’ve recently moved to a new address, chances are some of your former neighbors and friends from the community asked you to be sure to keep in touch...

Local Grant to Help First Time Homebuyers as Federal Tax Credit Deadline Looms (VIDEO)
WENY-TV - October 5, 2009
The first time homebuyer federal tax credit deadline is right around the corner. First time homebuyers have until November 30th to close on a house. That means they have less than two weeks to make an offer, and have it accepted...

Signs of a movers scam
Hometown Annapolis - September 29, 2009
Experts: Know consumer rights, get three estimates before signing...

You needn’t break the bank when decorating new digs
Boston Herald - September 24, 2009
Early fall means “moving day” for many Bostonians. For the under-22 set, it signals the annual back-to-the-dorm migration. For the rest of us, it’s the last leg of the infamous apartment shuffle....

Florida's Population Exodus
News Channel 7 - September 1, 2009
Nearly 60,000 people left the state of Florida last year. Preliminary numbers from the University of Florida show growth came to a screeching halt in Okaloosa, Walton and Bay counties, which have historically seen large increases....

Far From Home, Helping Others Relocate
The New York Times- August 24, 2009
A native of Uzice, Serbia, Vladimir Cvijovic, 27, is one of many Serbian students who come to the city for temporary jobs, many of them in moving. This summer, he is a foreman at FlatRate Moving, a national company with 350 movers in New York City....

Moving? Pack Frugality in Advance
The News Tribune - August 2, 2009
About 13 percent of Americans move in any given year. With the average full-service interstate move at about $4,200, according to the American Moving and Storage Association, here are some ways to save...

Finding the Right Overseas Shipping and Moving Company
Life into Zone - August 2, 2009
We all know that moving overseais not an easy task. You can’t really expect to be able to do it all by yourself, do you? By getting help from an overseas shipping and moving company, you can make the trip easier for you...

Medicare When Moving Overseas
The Wall Street Journal - August 1, 2009
How do I handle getting medical coverage in the U.K. without giving up my access to Medicare and supplements when we return to the U.S...

Real Estate News: Home Sales are Moving on Up
West Seattle Herald - July 31, 2009
Pending home sales show a sustained and continuous uptrend, rising for four consecutive months with very favorable housing affordability and a first-time buyer tax credit boosting activity, according to the National Association of Realtors...

NYC's Homeless to Move to Florida?
ABC-7 - July 29, 2009
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration is footing the bill to send hundreds of homeless people on a one-way flight to our state. It comes at a time when local agencies are already struggling to help those in need...

Moving Day Disaster - June 30, 2009
What the resident didn't know was a stove burner apparently had been switched on at some point. That didn't matter when there was no power to the residence. But, when the power came on, so did the burner. The hot burner ignited some items that had been placed on top of it, causing the blaze, firefighters reported...

Cleaning Up After Moving Day - June 29, 2009
Every year more than 115,000 Montrealers move to a new home, most of those moves take place around July 1, and almost 50,000 tonnes of junk is dumped. So city officials Alan DeSousa and Luis Miranda are asking Montrealers to have some civic pride and clean up after themselves. They're urging people to bring heavy junk to their local Eco-Centre, or contact city workers and ask them to collect that beat-up bookshelf...

City Encourages Montreal Movers - June 29, 2009
Montreal has dozens of eco-centres across the city that accept items to be recycled. Alan DeSousa, Montreal's executive committee member responsible for sustainable development, said each year about 50,000 tonnes of junk that are not properly disposed of become eyesores and potential fire hazards on the streets of Montreal. DeSousa said many boroughs are adding extra heavy-waste collection days this week and said some eco-centres will be open longer hours so people can drop things off...

More Moving Out of Florida - June 29, 2009
Data from moving companies and the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles suggest that fewer people are moving to the state and, at the very least, an equal number of residents are moving out. Atlas Van Lines moved a total of 5,277 households into the state in 2008, but moved out 6,367 households, according to the moving company’s migration study...

Have Home, Will Travel - June 27, 2009
The couple consulted with a local house moving company and were told the house would have to be cut into three pieces before it could be moved. “That scared us to death,” she said. A short time later, they called a moving company from Hollis, Okla. The owner said his company could lift the whole house at one time using equipment on a new hydraulic truck. “We paid a total of $3,000 to buy the house, and to get it moved,” Laura said...

Shady Movers Beware - June 26, 2009
Georgia lawmakers should consider making it a crime for movers to hold customers’ household goods until they pay additional charges not in the contract, several members of a House committee said Friday. Criminalizing “hostage loads” would help the state Public Service Commission, which regulates in-state moving companies, overcome a staffing shortage that contributed to a critical audit, said Rep. Calvin Hill, a member of the Budget and Fiscal Affairs Oversight Committee...

Stong Targets Unlicensed Movers - June 25, 2009
But people who choose an unlicensed mover, whether intentionally or by mistake, may have little or no recourse for losses or damage to their property, could be charged higher than normal fees, and could be at higher risk for property or identity theft, officials warn. In Thursday's sting, there were 18 vehicle-related violations issued and one was placed out of service for safety violations....

Hiring An Illegal Mover is Risky Business
UTC.WA.GOV - June 24, 2009
Looking to hire a moving company? Check with the state, before it’s too late! The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) warns that just because a moving company advertises that it is “licensed and insured” does not mean it is. Only moving companies permitted by the UTC are allowed to perform residential moves within the State of Washington. Consumers who hire companies operating without a UTC permit may have little or no recourse if their belongings are damaged, lost or stolen...

Moving Companies Are Getting Hit Hard - June 24, 2009
Traditional moving companies are getting hit pretty hard. Americans who are moving are doing more of the work themselves or using online alternatives. And based on some of the stories I’ve heard over the years, I’m guessing there isn’t a whole lot of sympathy for the traditional moving companies...

Movers Are Struggling - June 24, 2009
Sinking home prices and a weak job market have forced normally restless Americans to stay put in an uncharacteristic shift that has, among other things, clobbered the moving industry. "Property values have dropped so much, people can't pick up and move the way they used to," said Michael Hicks, a demographer at Ball State University in Indiana who has tracked the nationwide slowdown using data from several sources, including moving companies...

All My Sons Offers Pro Bono Services - June 23, 2009
All My Sons Moving is committed to serving the communities in which they do business. One of the ways they help is by offering pro bono moving services to select organizations in need. In order to identify these opportunities to help their communities, All My Sons Moving has announced, today, the launch of the All My Sons Moving Charity Initiative site...

Moving To The Greek Islands - June 17, 2009
There are numerous moving companies who have much experience in international transit and moving items from your home country to your new home on the Greek Islands. Be aware that you are likely to get a wide range of quotes. A cheap removals firm may ask for less money but you might find there are more damages...

Tarentum Firms Mark 100 in Business - June 13, 2009
After Weleski Transfer began moving furniture instead of milk, it began to expand. The company became an affiliate of Atlas Van Lines in 1963, and it added locations in Johnstown and Cleveland during the 1990s. The business now moves goods locally, nationally and internationally. Weleski said the company's all-around work ethic helped it grow into what it is now. "We do strive to do good work," he said. "We don't take what we do for granted. "A good job will spread for future business," Weleski added. "Word of mouth...

Moving Day - June 10, 2009
Work is underway on the Signs ‘n More Eco 6 project. Earlier this month the existing home where business owner Mick Classen lived was moved to its new resting place at acreage near Paradise Hill. The Classens will be living in a nearby apartment until the new living space above the business is ready. “It’s going very well … we’re going to start putting in some concrete and you’ll be able to see some stuff happen,” said Classen. “The plans are finalized we just have to get the stamp from the city.....

Canadians Urged Not To Abandon Pets on Moving Day
Montreal.Ctv.Ca - June 7, 2009
Moving day is fast approaching in Montreal. And with it comes the age-old problem of abandoned pets. Many Montrealers leave more than just trash and old furniture behind when they move to a new apartment on July 1. They abandon unwanted pets, or pets that are not allowed in their new building. Those pets often end up having to fend for themselves, before being taken care of by animal welfare agencies. Patricia Tulasne of the Societe Quebecoise pour la defense des animaux finds the situation deplorable. "Montreal is one of the cities in North America with the highest number of stray cats," said Tulasne.....

School Year Ends Marks Busy Time for Movers - June 5, 2009
As the school year draws to a close Dubai is bracing itself for a significant fall in population. Within weeks thousands of expatriate families are expected to pack their bags and leave the country, waving goodbye to their life in the sun thanks to the global recession. Redundancies, soaring school fees and the rising cost of living in the UAE are behind the exodus...

All My Sons Continues to Build Recognition - June 2, 2009
Clients across the United States are offering praise and recognition to All My Sons Moving and Storage relocation services. Since the company's launch of their newly enhanced relocation and claims management services and interactive websites, clients are able to feel comfortable that their move will be handled with care as they learn quick and easy tips to move safely and securely.....

Smooth Moves Require Planning - May 24, 2009
Bummer! The American Moving and Storage Association offers tips on "moving and movers" in an e-mailed press release. It says half of all moves take place in the second third of the year (May through August). Moving is the third-most stressful event in life, behind death of a loved one and divorce. " Moving to Texas" should be fourth. The real fee: We've all heard the "furniture-nappers" horror stories: A mover gives you a lowball estimate to win your moving job, takes your belongings and holds them hostage at an unknown location until you pay ridiculous, extra fees. The police won't get involved as, "It's a civil matter." You signed a contract, etc. When dealing with a moving company, insist the original estimate is its final fee — before you sign its contract......

Chase Utley's Wife Sues Moving Company for $13,000 - May 19, 2009
Jennifer Utley, wife of Phillies slugger Chase Utley, has filed suit against Sanford Alderfer Transport, Inc. of Hatfield, PA seeking $13,000 to replace “various personal items,” allegedly lost by the company while Jen, Pennsylvania SPCA board vice president, and her World Champion Chase moved from one Center City condo to another last year........

PUC Fines Two Pittsburgh Businesses - May 14, 2009
In other business, the PUC also issued a $5,750 fine against Don Farr Moving Co. in West Mifflin, which the commission said repeatedly failed to charge its customers the mandated fuel surcharge, failed to give some clients an estimate and operated outside its approved jurisdiction. To add an extra punch, the PUC asserted that Don Farr was “incapable of operating a business in a responsible manner,” which the company flatly denied.....

All My Sons Launches Mover's Advantage Program - May 13, 2009
Dallas moving company, All My Sons Moving and Storage, is well prepared for moving season to kick off this year. The dallas movers announced a new program that makes All My Sons Moving and Storage a one-stop-shop for consumers planning and executing a move from one residence to another. More than 42 million Americans will move this year, and more than half will do so between the months of May and September. As summer moving season fast approaches, many families will begin the process of moving across town or across the country......

Sirva Relocation Renews at Plymouth Woods - May 12, 2009
Sirva Relocation signed a 27,657-square-foot renewal at Plymouth Woods I in Plymouth, MN. The three-story, 85,322-square-foot office building at 3300 Fernbrook Lane was built in 1998 in the I-394 Corridor. It is part of the Plymouth Woods Office Center. Sirva Relocation is a leading relocation and moving services firm, operating in over 175 countries worldwide........

Bikers Have Moving Experience Too - May 10, 2009
Boxes? Check. Ropes? Check. Moving van? No way. After all, who needs a truck when you have a dozen people on bikes? "I've always kind of wanted to do one of these," said Aaron Lowenkron as he helpd load Nickie and Anthony Stout's possessions onto a cargo bike Saturday morning. "On a day like this, you could do worse than spending the day outside, you know?" The Stouts have been car-free for about two years now. Even so, when it came time to move to a new home five miles away......

Americans Aren't Moving
CBC.CA - May 6, 2009
Late last month, the U.S. Census Bureau released a moving statistic: Americans aren't. In the 12 months leading up to March 2008, 12 per cent of all Americans, or 35.2 million people, moved dwellings, the bureau reported. That is 11 per cent fewer than the previous year. For this country, according to Statistics Canada, the numbers are even lower. In 2007, a mere 7.8 per cent of Canadians changed residence. Five years before that, it was 8 per cent. People, it seems, are staying put. Neither agency has figures for the current year, when the impact of the recession would really show. But a surge of relocation seems very unlikely......

Ryan Gosling Prepares For His Role As a Mover - May 4th, 2009
Oscar-nominated actor Ryan Gosling takes researching a role seriously. To help prepare for his role as a mover in the upcoming movie "Blue Valentine," Gosling spent Friday in New York City's East Village working with a moving company helping New Yorkers move.....

Charleston County Evictions On The Rise - May 4, 2009
It’s moving day for Natasha Davis, but today she’s not moving into her dream home, she’s leaving it behind. “I got so used to living in the house. It was a good feeling I had,” she said. “The end of March, the Deputy Sheriff’s office came here and said here’s your eviction papers, letting you know you have 14 days to find something and you have to move out,” Davis said. Evicted out of the home she moved into just a few months ago, what’s even worse, Davis says it’s not her fault- that’s because Davis doesn’t own this North Charleston home, she rents it.....

Man Charged For Failing To Yield To House - May 3, 2009
A Marianna man is facing a long list of criminal charges and civil citations after he allegedly drove recklessly through a house-moving convoy, authorities stated Friday. The Marianna Police Department was assisting a house moving company in the transportation of a large home Thursday when Larry Travis Jeter, 30, of 2674 Choctaw Trail, drove through, the police department reported Friday. “During the move, two officers were positioned at the front and rear ends of the convoy, blocking traffic from passing in both directions due to safety concerns,” a news release from the Marianna police department said.
As the house slowly passed over Chipola Bridge heading west.........

Moving Trucks Shortage - May 1, 2009
A shortage in supply of moving trucks is keeping people stuck on the Western Slope. Thousands of people are leaving because of the deflating oil and gas industry, and moving to other cities to pursue other careers. The shortage of moving trucks is giving movers and moving companies headaches. Moving trucks are in such high demand, the companies are having to import them to the Western Slope. It's something that isn't very cheap.....

Gentle Giant is Working With It's Employees
Msnbc.Com - April 29, 2009
“If anyone were to report feeling sick from the Swine Flu, I know they’d be encouraged to stay home, especially since most employees here have a very physically demanding job,” said Stephen Coady, a spokesman for the Gentle Giant Moving Company that has 200 workers. Gentle Giant, he added, “tries to balance sick, vacation [and] personal time policies to benefit employees as much as possible, so god forbid we were hit with an epidemic here. I feel confident there would be some flexibility with policies so hourly people could skip working without worrying about their income too much.........

Moving Tips For Moving Your Pets - April 25, 2009
The city of Newnan Animal Control Officer, Cyndi Hoffman, gives moving tips for you and your pet. Plan ahead. Advance planning will make your move less stressful on you and your pet. Pack over a period of time, and try to maintain your pet's normal routine. Invest in a high-quality, sturdy pet carrier. If you have a dog or cat whom you want to keep safely confined on moving day, get a carrier ahead of time and gradually accustom your pet to spending time in it. Keep your pet secure. On moving day, place your pet.......

Get Rid of The Stress During Your Move - April 25, 2009
Does the thought of moving home give you a migraine attack? Stress can do that. Gulf News business reports say there is a nearly 15 per cent increase in people moving homes this year within the UAE. The Wipe Out Waste (WoW) campaign looks at how to achieve this change of residence in an efficient, planned and stress-free manner. Save time and money enjoy your new home. Moving residence, irrespective of whether it is a few floors up or down or across the country can be a harrowing experience......

Helping The 'Movers' - April 25, 2009
Fernandes had paid Dh 1,200 to employ the services of a reputed removals company. At the end of the move from a studip to a two-bedroom apartment, he wished there had been a better communication. He said: "I was assured that everything would be done according to my needs, but the movers were very non-cooperative. I had an option of.........

Tips On Shopping For a Moving Company - April 24, 2009
Most moving companies will offer a few options for insurance to cover items that are broken, damaged or lost. You pay a certain amount, usually $4 to $9 for every $1,000 of your items’ value. Movers aren’t perfect so insurance is probably a good way to go. But check with your own insurance policies to see if you already have coverage for moving damages. Don’t plan your move for a holiday weekend like Memorial Day or Labor Day. The rates go up....

Movers Return $1,200 - April 23, 2009
Coutu Brothers Movers found a surprise when they were moving a dresser out of a Warwick apartment. Two envelopes full of cash. But it wasn’t finder’s keepers for the moving company. When we leaned it back, two envelopes fell down, said mover Ken Tanner. There was a bunch of money and I brought it to my boss. Said owner Bob Romano: We opened it up and there was a significant amount of money in the envelope. Romano said there was about $1,200 in the envelopes. The movers then called the woman who hired them, Barbara Donerly.I was just shocked, she said in a phone interview. That much money and they turned it in. Incredible." Donerly, who lives in Florida, was having her late mother’s furniture in Rhode Island shipped to her by Coutu Brothers......

Fewer Americans Are Moving - April 22, 2009
The American Moving and Storage Association said the number of people changing residences had been dropping for four years and fell 17.7 percent from 2007 to 2008. The first quarter of 2009 is likely to be even worse, the trade group said.......

2008 Saw Fewest Moves Since 1962 - April 22, 2009
The housing crisis probably played a role in dampening people's enthusiasm for moving - or their ability to leave one home for another. In a report released today, the Census Bureau doesn't provide much explanation for the low moving rate. But the bureau did find that renters were five times more likely to move last year than homeowners. The moving rate for renters was 27.7 percent, compared to 5.4 percent for people living in owner-occupied homes. The nation's overall moving rate was 11.9 percent last year - down from 13.2 percent in 2007. About 35.2 million people ages one and older moved within the United States last year - down from 38.7 last year, and the smallest number.......

Two Men and a Truck Encourages Students - April 20, 2009
The Movers for Moms program — a partnership between National Heritage Academies and Two Men and a Truck — encourages students to collect items, which are then delivered to shelters by the moving company. Locally, students at Paragon Charter Academy are partnering with the Jackson franchise of Two Men and a Truck to support the AWARE Shelter. During a school assembly recently, AWARE Executive Director Rebecca Filip told students that moms sometimes have to leave their home and go to the shelter for safety. "It's a very dangerous time for them," Filip said......

VDOT Says Turns Ok at U.S. 1 Intersection - April 6, 2009
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration asks consumers to be wary before you send your belongings off with a mover. Just in time for the spring and summer moving season, it has identified a few "red flags" that indicate a moving company could be "rogue." (Their words, not mine). A company will give you a suspiciously low price for the move over the phone or via e-mail, without visiting your home or offering to do an in-person estimate. A company demands cash, or a large deposit....

Movers Throw Away Courtney Love's Art - April 5, 2009
The movers apparently were not aware of the value of the sought-after dead animal piece. The London-based artist, Morgan, a trained taxidermist, churns them out for the rich and famous clients who spend tens of thousands on these items. The movers got rid of the animal carcass, thinking they were cleaning up a mess. T he Mail Online reports that the "embryonic chick was an £8,000 artwork, and the widow of Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain is said to be ‘blazing mad’ at its loss.".....

Tips and Tricks Make Moving Go Smoother - April 5, 2009
Like any sane person, I hate the process of moving into a new place. It’s expensive, back-breaking and time-slaying — and in all the times I’ve hauled my stuff to the next place, I don’t feel like I’ve e