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How to Move Large Furniture

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How to Move Large Furniture –Hire a Mover or Move it yourself?

Whether you are moving an apartment or a three-bedroom home, the one thing that is unavoidable is moving furniture. Moving furniture is one of the most dreadful parts of moving because it's heavy, it's bulky, and it’s expensive.

Most care dearly about their furniture and want to see it handled with the most care but at what cost? Based on your budget, you might want to hire a professional mover or move it yourself.

Hire a mover

Furniture can be extremely heavy and hiring a mover seems to be the best choice even for those with starter furniture sets. If you are on a shoestring moving budget, the safety and convenience often outweighs the possibility of injuring yourself or destroying your furniture which could cost you more money.

Your back and wallet will be spared if you keep these tips in mind:

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  • Check the newspaper's For Hire section of the classifieds to locate a "man with a van" who can help with one or two items. These operations charge by the hour and will help with the lifting. Expect to do your share of the heavy labor unless you are unable, in which case you should inform the driver so he can arrange for assistance.
  • If you are hiring a professional, it's a good idea to insure your belongings. Replacement of damaged belongings is bothersome, but possible with proper moving coverage.
  • You should always be present when the moving truck is loaded. If you cannot attend, make sure you arrange to have a representative there.
  • You can also arrange for a professional loader to help only with the loading of your belongings in the event you are driving a rental truck yourself.
  • Make sure you inspect all your belongings closely and read the paperwork closely before you sign anything.

Move it yourself

If hiring a moving company is out of the question, moving it without professional help can be done with the proper tools and technique. Before moving day, you should devise a plan for moving your information out of the room in to the moving truck.

  1. Remove all contents from. Disassemble any parts that will make the move easier.
  2. Clear any obstacles that might be in the pathway of picking up and moving the furniture.
  3. Use furniture pads and sliders to ensure the safety and protection of you and your furniture.
  4. Take measurements of door and hallway space.
  5. Make sure to use gloves for better grip and, a belt to keep your back straight during lifting, and furniture straps.
  6. Do not hesitate to ask friends for some additional help from friends.
  7. Do not rush the move, you can damage the furniture or injure yourself.

Planning ahead will ensure a smooth move whether you decide to move yourself or hire a renter. Leave yourself enough time to enlist a high quality mover or find the right people to make your move a complete success.

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