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Moving Day Checklist

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Being prepared to move saves a ton of headache and time. The worst thing you could do is allow a mover to handle your entire move from top to bottom. Some movers may be equipped to make executive decisions regarding your own personal belongings but there is nothing like being accountable for the tasks at hand by being prepared.

To avoid an out-of-control move day, here are few ideas to add to your checklist:

Designating Boxes
Label all the boxes with what’s inside and where it belongs appropriately, i.e., "Clothes, Master Bedroom" so the movers can execute the perfect pick-up from your old home to the drop-off in your new home. Designating boxes speeds up the process and makes life easier for you and the mover.

Moving Supplies
It is not a move if your checklist does not include boxes, tape, wrapping paper, and labels. If the moving company is not handling the moving supplies, make sure you have enough boxes and tape for your things to be packaged carefully. It will be less expensive to provide your own supplies than to purchase through the moving company.

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Supply Food and Drinks
On moving day, movers are going to need to stay hydrated with water and energized with snacks. Be sure to make a stop at the local grocery store for water bottles and snack foods to keep their energy high. This will keep your movers happy and a little bit more willing to make sure your move goes well.

Organize Electronics
When it comes to your electronics, it is important to keep all components together to some of your favorite electronics like televisions, computers, and video game systems. If you decide to leave the packing up to the movers, make sure to unplug and detach any wires. This will prevent any damage to your items and will lessen the packaging time on those items.

Before the movers arrive to your home on moving day, important valuables should be taken somewhere else. Documents such as your social security card, passport, and jewelry should be in your possession from beginning to the end of your move. Losing those documents will only lead you to extremely long lines in government offices.

Final Inventory Check
Before signing final documents and allowing movers to drive off, make sure to do one last walk through of the house with your checklist and the foremen of the movers. Some moving companies are hard to get a hold of in between pick-ups and drop-offs and you don’t want to have to delay the movers again by having them go back to your old home to pick up a couple of boxes. It could only lead to problems.

If you follow these moving tips, your chances of a move with fewer bumps in the road are greatly improved.

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