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Self storage is cost effective, safe, and convenient. Its benefits include:
  • It allows you to expand your business without expanding your premises.
  • By using self storage, you will avail yourself the flexibility of space: allowing you to increase or decrease the amount of space to suit your specific requirements.
  • You will find that access is easy and convenient.
  • Appointments are not needed for access.
  • You are in possession and control of the key to your space.
  • Likewise, you are in control over who is allowed to access the space.
  • All businesses (small or large, young or old, and any type) may benefit by using self storage facilities.
  • Rapidly growing businesses may find that they are limited by lack of appropriate in-house storage space.
  • Self storage creates a solution for many of your needs.
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Self storage allows you to

  • Choose the right amount of space to suit your needs.
  • Select the right length of time you will need to store your items.
  • Pay only for the space you need.
Business Storage Uses

You can store and organize most anything for use in self storage. For example, you might choose to store mobile equipment, office files, business records, manufacturer's samples, seasonal decorations, theatrical scenery and any additional supplies. Furthermore, self storage can help your traveling sales staff by allowing them to have stock on hand.

Selecting A Storage Space

Inquire with a storage consultant to help you select a space that will best suit your specific needs. You will find that a small space that is efficiently packed will be less expensive than a larger space. However, if your needs are such that you will be using the space quite often, you may find that a larger space (well organized with file boxes and racks) makes more sense for you. Most self storage facilities are willing and able to make modifications to meet your specific needs. Additionally, you may find that many self storage facilities are eager to offer additional services to help their business clients. For specific details, contact the self storage consultant of your choice.

The Storage Agreement

Keep in mind that (like any other agreement) you should always read through you self storage agreement carefully and thoroughly. As this is an important document, be sure to keep it in a safe place. Contact the staff at the self storage facility if you have any questions.

Insure Your Goods In Storage

Remember, the items you choose to store in a self storage space belong to you, and they remain your sole responsibility. For this reason, you should always have them insured. The self storage facility will not be responsible for insuring your items. Don't forget to contact your company's insurance provider to see if your coverage may already have a provision for items which are stored offsite (you may already be covered). If not, your self storage consultant may be able to assist you with the provision of insurance cover.

What Not To Store

You may not store any items that are illegal, stolen, hazardous, flammable, explosive, perishable, environmentally harmful, or that may be a risk to the property of any person (for example: acid, gasoline, chlorine, paint, etc.)

Files, Records And Other Documents Storage Tips
  • Books should be packed flat to protect their spines.
  • Suitable archive boxes or packing cartons should be used. Not only will you save space and offer the best protection for your goods or records, but your goods will also be easier to retrieve.
  • Fill empty pockets in the boxes with packing materials.
  • Make sure that all boxes are clearly labeled to easily identify contents.
  • Lighter boxes should always be placed on top to prevent collapse of those underneath.
Fabric Items
Electrical Equipment
  • It's important to remember that all electrical equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and dry before it is stored.

Metal Items

  • Metal items also need to be clean and dry before they are stored. For items that are prone to rust, wipe them with a rag containing a few drops of machine oil to retard rust.
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